Official launch of ICN International College

International College at Paris La DĂ©fense
ICN International COLLEGE

A new Pathway program in France is being launched through the collaboration between ICN Business School and Navitas. Starting in Autumn 2024, the ICN International College, located on the Paris La DĂ©fense campus, will open its doors to international students from around the world. It will cater to students seeking foundation and pre-masters’ programmes in the areas of Business and Management. With seamless progression options to ICN campuses in Paris, Nancy and Berlin (Germany), this programme opens doors to a world-class educational journey.

What does ICN International College offer?

The pathway programme will provide a comprehensive curriculum that includes language classes and research methods. In addition, for pre-masters’ pathway, the classes of mathematics and business concepts will be proposed. “Students who join IIC will be surrounded by world-class industry, with access to a vast range of experts and more than 40 student associations,” Paul LovegroveNavitas University Partnerships Europe CEO & Global COO, said.

On top of this, one of the key advantages of pathway programmes in France is the unique opportunity to assimilate into the French educational system. Indeed, instructors in pathway programmes understand that in addition to language skills, international students also require guidance in understanding the nuances of French academic culture.

Why study in the Paris La DĂ©fense district?

The decision to establish ICN International College in the Paris La DĂ©fense district is a strategic choice. This localisation offers proximity to the business hub, providing a gateway to the heart of Paris within 15 minutes. The immersive setting allows students to experience the French way of living and studying. As stated by Paul Lovegrove: "Higher education in France offers international students an exceptional opportunity to study in a vibrant, dynamic student-friendly environment, with business programmes that are internationally recognized for their academic excellence."

The launch of IIC marks a new educational chapter for ICN Business School, clearly demonstrating the school's commitment to innovation and expanding the international dimension.