Student support (PEP'S)

Professional and personal student support

Personal development has always been a strategic focus of the school, and this has been further strengthened by the Professional Experience Personal Support (PEP'S) initiative.

The aim of the initiative is to consolidate all activities related to students' personal development (seminars, school projects, personal and career support, etc.)

Personalised support

Choosing what school to go to is a particularly difficult step in the long process leading to enrollment. But once you've been offered a place, it's not over yet!

Students have so many questions: "I chose to go to a management school to get as many opportunities as possible! But I don't really know what jobs are out thereā€¦ what do I want and what can I do? What route should I take? I want my life at the school to be interesting, am I going to fit in?" It's not always easy to take on these new challenges alone!

To support students during their time at ICN and help them find the answers they're looking for, every student is allocated a personal tutor, a tenured professor at the school. This relationship will last throughout the student's journey at ICN and he/she will be an important source of guidance and support on both academic and professional levels.

The Professional Experience Personal Support initiative is there to support you; students are provided someone to confide in, someone to help them make the right decisions (tests, placement questionnaires, etc.), and someone to offer information and advice to ensure they make the most of their time at ICN.

Students benefit from this personalised support from the moment they join us.

Community life is incorporated into the ICN curriculum

The school offers undergraduate and Grande Ecole Programme students the unique opportunity to get involved in a project, by turning an idea, a desire, into reality.

As part of their school project, just like a micro-business, students learn through practical activities how to carry out long-term projects, work as a team and develop professional skills.

A mentor, an experienced member of the school's teaching staff, supports the team and provides advice on marketing, finance and interpersonal relations.

The school project, within a perfectly secure educational setting, reveals student talent and contributes to the development of their career plans.

Many of our graduates have fond memories of their school project.

Outdoor management seminars

Beyond academic teaching, ICN seminars allow students to put the management skills they've learned into practice.

They're a fantastic tool for personal development. Students are put in a real-life situation and have to come up with their own practical solutions to problems related to community life.

For more than 20 years, ICN seminars have undergone constant change through the development of their content, the different cohorts of students and the conditions in which they take place.

This form of action-based management allows students to learn in a unique way and gives professors and supervisors another opportunity to hold discussions with their students.

It's this mutual enrichment that has shaped ICN's identity.

Photos of outdoor management seminars