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At ICN, it is not so much about entrepreneurial spirit but about entrepreneurial drive and mindset

Every student has the opportunity to:

  • participate in dedicated educational and professional activities
  • be surrounded by faculty and alumni who are experts in the field of entrepreneurship
  • receive advice from professional partners in the Greater Region

At the heart of the Grand Est region's entrepreneurial ecosystem

With the Grand Est region's external ecosystem

The network of regional players to support new venture creation including LORnTECH Capitale French Tech East, A-venture (Le Paddock), BLIIIDA Metz-The Pool... / Pôle entrepreneuriat étudiant de Lorraine / Grand Nancy Innovation / Réseau entreprendre Lorraine / Entrepreneuriat au féminin 54 / Alexis / Incubateur lorrain, and many more!

With ICN Business School's internal ecosystem

Educational and career tools provided by the Entrepreneurship Centre

Strategy & Entrepreneurship and Art & Technology academic departments: CreaCtive Days, Artem Insight, etc. / Flexible pathways / ICN point of contact for entrepreneurial support / ICN Entrepreneurs student association / ICN Alumni Entrepreneurs Club / ICN Endowment Fund and the Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Are you interested in entrepreneurship?

Student entrepreneurial projects are of major importance and the Master in Management Grande Ecole Programme, through the Entrepreneurship Centre, makes the necessary adjustments to the study plan to enable student entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial project alongside their studies.

The Entrepreneurial mindset is developed from Year 1 in a number of ways through student projects, by joining the ICN Entrepreneurs association or through the Artem transdisciplinary learning activities to develop creative thinking and innovation (CreaCtive Days, Creative Thinking, etc.).

Throughout the programme , regular checkpoints monitor the new venture project, determine next steps, and identify any adjustments that need to be made. Every student participating in business creation activities is given an "entrepreneur passport". The passport is completed each year as certain milestones are reached.

Become an entrepreneur at ICN!


Entrepreneurship workshops

The #ArtTechnologyManagement workshops include specific workshops on entrepreneurship.

You can find more information about these workshops, such as "Living consulting" or "Territorial dynamics and the city of the future", in our brochure.

ICN Entrepreneurs

This association aims to promote entrepreneurship at the school. Its mission is to encourage students to participate in entrepreneurial events (competitions, conferences, fairs, etc.).

It brings together the latest projects and innovative ideas from ICN students in order to foster creativity and critical thinking. It also allows students to learn from the experience of other entrepreneurs through meetings and discussions.

It gives students a chance to make contact with business professionals and get a foothold in the world of business, where they can create a network. ICN Junior Conseil contributes to strengthening links between the school and different economic players.


ICN Junior Conseil

ICN Junior Conseil is ICN's junior enterprise, one of the best in France and a benchmark in terms of excellence, for all categories of Junior Enterprises.

Every year, the ICN Junior Enterprise competes in various national competitions for the best Junior Enterprise in France. For the second year in a row, ICN Junior Conseil is a finalist for one of these awards!


Entrepreneurship elective

In the 2nd and 3rd year of the Grande Ecole Programme, ICN students can choose this module, which involves working on an entrepreneurial project while receiving support from specialists in the field of business creation. It will allow you, as a future entrepreneur, to develop your project while receiving support. The project is also assessed and awarded ECTS credits.

At ICN, the student entrepreneur is King!

ICN endowment fund

Since December 2010, the ICN endowment fund has supported the school's development and “Ambition 2022".strategic plan. The fund finances the Entrepreneurship Centre, which ICN established In October 2019 to help students who want to start their own business. The centre is a comprehensive initiative that combines education, career support and research. It is supported by the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Grand Est region and the Lorraine student entrepreneurship hub (PeeL).

Student entrepreneurship award

The Student entrepreneurship Challenge and award, drawn from ICN's Endowment Fund, rewards entrepreneurial intention and/or entrepreneurial projects developed by ICN students. Candidates receive "pitch" training from the PeeL.

Creative Awards

Recognising the creativity of ICN students

With support from the ICN Endowment Fund, the school holds the annual Creative Awards on the Artem campus. The aim is to reward and showcase projects carried out by first year students on the Grande Ecole Programme. Students work on an idea of their choice, in relation to their environment, history, or culture.

What our students say

My entrepreneurial project was on improving sleep. The idea is simple:
improve your sleep by using a mattress topper that helps regulate your body temperature during the night. The idea to work on improving sleep came to me during my gap year and I started the preliminary process in 3rd year.
I was able to talk it over with David GEGONNE, the Head of the Entrepreneurial Centre, and he pointed me towards the right contacts to get my project off the ground (conception, market research and networking). The first step was getting involved with PeeL (the Lorraine student entrepreneurship hub), then an incubator. Thanks to the innovative #ArtTechnologyManagement teaching philosophy at ICN, students have the opportunity to grow within an ecosystem that fosters successful project development.

Alexis CORDIER, PGE 2019