Research laboratory and priority of scientific axes

Research laboratories

The University of Lorraine’s research laboratories are a cornerstone of the School’s research eco-system. Through them ICN faculty can connect to larger scientific networks and extended resources to engage in innovative joint research and the dissemination and transfer of results. The scope of research reaches from regional projects to multinational cooperation and also includes joint PhD thesis supervision.

CEREFIGE, laboratory partner
ICN Business School is is both a founder and a partner in the University of Lorraine research center CEREFIGE (Centre Européen de Recherche en Économie Financière et en Gestion des Entreprises / European Center for Research in Economics, Finance and Management; The vast majority of core faculty are members of the CEREFIGE which is organized in the thematic groups:
Innovations & Entrepreneurial Dynamics;
Organizations and Human Resources

Furthermore, the CEREFIGE hosts six priority research axes where ICN bears responsibility for two of them:

ICN researchers are also involved in three other research labs from the University of Lorraine:

  • BETA – Bureau D'Economie ThĂ©orique et AppliquĂ©e (Bureau of Theoretical and Applied Economy)
  • LGIPM - Laboratoire de gĂ©nie informatique, de production et maintenance (Laboratory for Information Systems Engineering and Maintenance)
  • LORIA – Laboratoire lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications