Funding your studies

The state-guaranteed CROUS student loan


Important information about this loan

  • The loan is not means tested and you don't need to make a deposit
  • You don't need your parents or a third party to act as a guarantor
  • Maximum amount: €15,000
  • Minimum term: 2 years
  • You can choose to defer repayment of the loan


  • Be enrolled at ICN Business School
  • Be under 28 years of age when the loan is granted
  • Be a citizen of France or another EU or EEA member state and have been ordinarily resident in France for an uninterrupted period of at least 5 years immediately prior to the loan being granted.

How does it work?

You submit a loan application to one of the banks participating in the scheme (currently Société générale, Crédit Mutuel, C.I.C., Banques Populaires and Caisses d’Epargne in the B.P.C.E group). The bank will decide whether to grant you the loan, and under what conditions. To avoid families getting into financial difficulty, banks have discretion whether to grant the loan based on the information provided by the applicant.

The state guarantees 70% of the value of the loan.

You can defer repayment of the loan, in other words, you begin repayment 2 years after graduating, once you've secured employment.

Maximum amount: €15,000

The guarantee system rests upon a guarantee fund managed by bpifrance. The BPI France Student loan fund is replenished every year.

Funding your studies in a Grande Ecole

Bank loans

ICN Business School has partnerships with several banks, meaning our students can benefit from preferential conditions to fund their studies.

Erasmus loan

A loan to cover the cost of studying a Master's degree abroad

Erasmus + offers the opportunity to apply for a loan to study a Master's degree abroad. These loans are offered by participating banks and credit agencies.

This loan system, which was created in collaboration with the European Investment Bank, will be gradually rolled out to all Erasmus + programme countries. The loan guarantee system for students has been in place since mid-2015.

Students in higher education who have been granted a place on a Master's programme abroad can apply for an Erasmus + loan, provided the country participates in the programme. The country in question must be different from the student's country of residence and the country where he/she obtained their undergraduate degree (Bachelor's degree or equivalent).

The student can borrow up to €12,000 for a one-year Master's programme and €18,000 for a two-year Master's programme.

Students should contact participating banks and credit agencies directly.

Internships and student jobs


Doing an internship at a business is a great way to make some money during your studies. Students also have the opportunity to spend an experience year in a company between their 2nd and 3rd year.

Student jobs

To fund your studies and gain work experience, why not find a student job that fits around your school commitments? Contact our careers and internship centre or look at the Jobaviz website.

Student grants

Comprehensive information about the different forms of financial support on offer can be found on the "Service Public" website

CROUS grants

Grants based on social criteria from the Ministry for Higher Education and Research are awarded to students depending on their personal circumstances, how far they live from their place of study, and the type of course they're on (Bachelor's/Master's).

Apply for a grant (and/or student accommodation)

Parcoursup travel grant

A €500 grant, which can be awarded in conjunction with other forms of financial support, for high school students who receive financial assistance and have applied to at least one university outside their regional education authority.

High school students who receive financial assistance can apply online at

To be eligible for this grant, you must:

  • Be a high school student and receive financial assistance
  • Be signed up on Parcoursup this year and have applied to at least 1 school outside your regional education authority.
  • Have accepted an offer (unconditional or conditional) for a school outside your regional education authority

If you're eligible for this grant, the Parcoursup platform will inform you.

You'll l see "Mobilité" next to the application for the relevant university outside your regional education authority.

This grant is not available for current students who have changed their programme of study on Parcoursup, or high school students who don't currently get financial assistance and but will receive financial assistance in higher education. Only high school students currently in receipt of financial support are eligible.


The ERASMUS + programme aims to give students the opportunity to study abroad to improve their language skills, develop their cultural awareness and increase their employability. To discover the various opportunities offered by this programme, visit the Erasmus + website.

ERASMUS grants are awarded to students who want to go abroad as part of their university course. The length of stay must be a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months. During examination of their applications, students may be awarded an additional grant by their Regional Council.

ERASMUS+ grant

ICN Business School is a signatory to the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) which allows our undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in the Erasmus + Programme. To participate in the programme, the following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Each eligibility period lasts 16 months. A new 16-month eligibility period begins on 1 June each year for 16 months. The rules state that the Erasmus + agreement and the learning agreement MUST be signed before the start of the exchange.
  • Students of any nationality are eligible for the programme as long as they are regularly enrolled at ICN on a degree programme recognised by the state or the RNCP: ICN PGE, ICN BACHELOR'S DEGREE
  • The internship must be full-time and be part of the student's course. Students on an experience year are not eligible for the Erasmus + Programme.
  • The host entity must be located in an Erasmus programme country. France is not an eligible destination for students enrolled at a French university!

Grants from the DFCG Foundation (National Association of Financial Directors and Management Control)

The Lorraine DFCG, a longtime partner of ICN, offers a grant funded by the DFCG Foundation.

DFCG Foundation grants only apply to students on a finance or business management degree course. There are three selection requirements: you must be an outstanding student, on a finance/management course and have limited financial resources.

Students awarded the grant benefit from complete access to the DFCG network get free membership of the DFCG Association throughout their studies, and are put in touch with a sponsor.

IMPORTANT: students who are not studying a finance related course are not eligible for the DFCG grant and should therefore not apply.

Applications are open from the 24 June 2022

Grand Est region grants to support international mobility

To support international mobility, the Grand Est region offers financial support to allow students to undertake an internship abroad. The purpose of these grants is to support international mobility among students in order to boost their employability.

Eligibility criteria

  • Students enrolled on a degree programme in a higher education institution in the Grand Est region
  • Students doing an internship abroad as part of their degree, excluding international students doing an internship in their home country
  • Students doing an internship between 1 July of the year they go abroad and 30 June the next year.
  • All destinations are eligible, with the exception of France and its overseas territories, Andorra and Monaco.

Find out more

Aquarius grant

In 2015, Aquarius Abroad and its partners created the AQUARIUS Grant® to allow students to fund an internship abroad. It's the first grant in the world to cover all costs associated with your internship, up to €20,000. To benefit, the following eligibility criteria apply:

Financial eligibility criteria

  • You must be between 18 and 25 years of age
  • You must be studying in France
  • You must be carrying out a project related to international mobility: you'll need to demonstrate how your internship abroad relates to your career plans.

Financial eligibility criteria

  • You must have a household income below €33,000: i.e. counting all income of all family members (parents and/or partner)
  • Even if you don’t you don't receive higher education financial assistance, you may still be eligibile for the Aquarius grant.

OFAJ Franco-German Youth Office

Practical training grant for students in Germany

Financial support awarded by ICN Business School

As part of ICN Business School's commitment to promote social inclusion, the school has a scholarship committee that, depending on your financial circumstances, may waive a portion of the tuition fees. We offer three types of scholarship:

Commitment agreement

ICN awards grants (covering a portion of the tuition fees for one year of study) to students joining the first year of the Grande Ecole programme, or a Bachelor's degree programme. In return, students agree to participate in events organised by the school.

Grants awarded from the ICN endowment fund

The ICN endowment fund offers grants (covering a portion of the tuition fees for one year of study) to students on an ICN Grande Ecole Programme. Students receiving the grant also sign the agreement to participate in school events..


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