Master in Management

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Master in management Bac +5
Duration of study :
2 years for international students
Place of study :
Berlin, Nancy, Paris
Language of instruction :
French, English
Degree awarded :
Master in Management
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Master in management

The Master in management is a postgraduate qualification that is state-recognized and taught at our 3 campuses: Paris, Nancy and Berlin.

The programme has a strong international focus and equips students with the necessary skills to become effective managers. The course is offered entirely in either French or English.

Why should you join the ICN Master in management

  • Create a study pathway that matches your career aspirations.
  • Develop your international profile by spending abroad at one of our 120 partner universities around the globe.
  • Cross disciplinary barriers thanks to our #ArtTechnologyManagement teaching concept
  • Learn to surpass yourself and enhance your career prospects by taking on unique challenges during the two outdoor seminars that take place during your studies.
  • ICN holds triple accreditation (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS) and our Grande Ecole Programme is ranked 10th in France and 60th in the world. (Financial Times 2021)

3 campuses

Nancy campus

The Artem campus is situated in the heart of Europe and host to a vibrant mix of cultures thanks to the 3 countries that border the Lorraine region.

Paris la DĂ©fense campus

A place for learning but also a social hub where students, businesses, teachers and graduates can meet.

Berlin campus

The ICN Berlin campus is located right in the heart of Berlin and is a ten-minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate. The location is perfect for enjoying the city and all it has to offer.
ICN Berlin

Become a creactive manager!

Academic programme: Experiment and Jump

ICN's Master in management is a general management programme studied over two years for international students:

  • « Experiment » : Master 1 level is when students start taking specialised classes, which focus on theory while also developing the skills you will need to succeed in your chosen career. The #ArtTechnologyManagement workshop gives students the opportunity to carry out a long-term project throughout the academic year as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • « Jump » : In the Master 2 level, the programme emphasises responsible decision-making and deepens students' knowledge and expertise in their specific field as part of a joint degree. You can personalise your pathway by taking a joint degree in France or abroad. The year ends with a final internship, or you may decide to start working straightaway.

Experience year (optional):

You can take a year out between Master 1 and Master 2 year to focus on gaining work experience, study or undergo training at a partner university, or pursue another project agreed between you and the programme director.

Our flexible study options allow you to achieve your goals.

70 double degrees

All students at ICN Business School will obtain a double degree (unless you decide to spend your final year at a partner university). 5 options are available:

Double degree (Grande Ecole Programme + MSc in your chosen specialisation)
More information about specialisations

ICN degree + a Master’s from the University of Lorraine - Faculty of Law
Only available after completing an accelerated course on business law (taken during your experience year).

  • Master's in business law - specialising in International and European business law
  • Master's in business law - specialising in business and corporate law
  • Master's in business law - specialising in health law
  • Master's in social law - specialising in employment law and social welfare

ICN degree + degree from an engineering school

    A very high-level general engineering programme with in-depth study of computer science.
    A dual engineering/management programme that focuses on driving innovation in business. The course has a strong scientific dimension but also equips students with the skills to become effective managers.
    This pathway prepares students for management roles and equips them with an expert understanding of innovation engineering. It focuses on product design, organisation and service design, and the product design process; from concept generation to prototype creation.

ICN degree + International Master's degree
International double degrees take place over one year and replace the third year of the Grande École programme.
Download the brochure for more information

Triple degree: ICN degree + MSc in International Management (Miex) + a degree from a partner university
A consortium of 6 campuses around the globe: 1st semester in Nancy, 2nd semester in Bologna, then an option to spend 2nd year in Mexico City, Porto Alegre, Shanghai or Berlin.

Study abroad at a partner university

  • Students can spend a semester abroad after completing the first semester of second year, during their gap year or during third year. Students are able to do more than one exchange over the course of their degree.
  • If you decide to do an exchange or study as part of a double degree programme, you can choose your destination !

Personal and career support

  • The PEPS service (Professional Experience & Personal Support) offers guidance and can work with you to create a study pathway that matches your career aspirations and personal goals.
  • A personal tutor, one of the school's tenured professors, will support you during your time at ICN. Your personal tutor is a formal point of contact for advice on academic and professional matters.
  • The purpose of the careers and internship centre is to help you develop your employability and ensure you make a smooth transition to the job market. Students benefit from personalised support in the form of meetings, workshops, (CV writing, interview advice, networking, international, etc.), interview practice either in person or online using our Easy Recrue tool, and meetings with business professionals (afterwork events, interview practice evenings) …
    In addition, our Career Centre gives you access to hundreds of internship, apprenticeship and job opportunities in France and abroad, and can offer you helpful advice, no matter where you are headed.
  • The corporate relations/apprenticeship development department can help you find an apprenticeship. From 2nd year, you can choose to follow either a conventional course or a sandwich course.

Job and career prospects

ICN Business School implements various measures to help students look for employment even before graduation.

During your studies you can access career support by getting in touch with the careers and internship service
The careers and internship centre organises workshops and events every year to help students enter the job market in France or abroad.

  • Workshops to help you find internship/job opportunities: CV advice, tips on writing a covering letter, how to network, interview advice, etc.
  • Interview practice workshops in French or English with recruitment professionals
  • Student/graduate afterwork events
  • Business conferences on career opportunities
  • Career round tables with our business partners and ICN graduates
  • 2 recruitment fairs every year where students can meet nearly 100 businesses and 200 recruiters

Our partner companies
Our loyal partners have helped ICN develop a reputation for strong links with the business world in Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium and relationships with partners around the world.

The ICN ALUMNI association
After graduation, students can join the ICN Alumni association, a national and international network of 17,000 graduates which gives members access to an online directory for personalised discussions and organises various events for graduates: sector-specific groups, clubs where you can meet other people who share your interests, and get in touch with regional and global ambassadors.

View the 2021 graduate survey to find out where our graduates are working and what their average salary is!

Routes of entry

  • After taking preparatory classes:
    Join the 1st year of the Master in management in Nancy
    – Admission after sitting a BCE entrance exam
    Visit the entrance exam section
    – As part of the BCE exams, candidates sit language exams from the IENA exam board
  • After 2 years of higher education:
    Join the 1st year of the Master in management.
    – Admission after sitting an AST 1 and Lorrain 1 entrance exam
    Visit the entrance exam section
  • After 3 or 4 years of higher education:
    Join the 2nd year of the Master in management
    – Admission after sitting the AST 2 and Lorrain 2 entrance exam
    Visit the entrance exam section
  • The Lorrain 1 and Lorrain 2 exams are aimed at holders of a Bachelor’s or Master's from the University of Lorraine, the University of Nancy or the University of Metz.
    Visit the entrance exam section
  • International students:
    International students can join the first year of this master's (2nd year of the Grande Ecole Programme). For guidance on applying, visit the international admissions page.

Useful information

  • Degree awarded
    ICN Grande Ecole degree, awarded by ICN Business School (equivalent to 5 years of higher education study, Master's degree level), the degree is approved and recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
  • Duration of study
    – 3 years: after taking preparatory classes or having completed 2 years of higher education study
    – 2 years: after having completed 3 or 4 years of higher education study
  • Languages of instruction
    The ICN Grande Ecole programme can be studied entirely in French or English

What our students think...

ICN is above all a powerful source of opportunities. The school favours them, but it is up to each student to seize them. As the international aspect was important for me,
I opened every door to every multicultural opportunity: a first internship at Yves Saint-Laurent in Bavaria, an internship at Renault in Berlin and then one at Yves Saint-Laurent in Bavaria, a gap year at Renault in Berlin and an exchange with McGill University in Montreal.
CĂ©dric CHAMBAZ (ICN PGE 1999), International Head Of Product Marketing & Strategy, Apple, Londres


Routes of entry

More information about admissions for the start of the 2023 academic year.

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