"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".

Nelson Mandela
(1918 – 2013)

The ICN endowment fund has supported the school’s development since December 2010 and helped us achieve the goals outlined in our “Ambition 2022” strategic plan.

We would like to thank our founding members for their loyal support.

We would also like to thank our business partners and our graduates for their contributions to the fund.

Discover how we use the endowment fund!

Key areas of development

The ICN fund has chosen to focus development on the following four areas.

Teaching and research

The new ICN philosophy combines creativity and reactivity and places particular emphasis on action. These key words shape the teaching and research carried out at ICN, two aspects that form the basis of any management school.

Teaching innovation

The ICN endowment fund prize for teaching innovation is an annual award that recognizes the creativity of our teaching staff.
In 2017, the prize was awarded to a team of teaching and administrative staff who developed a method for active and interactive learning through workplace simulations: “CB Days online”.


Supporting the creativity of our teaching staff is great but unlocking our students' inner entrepreneur and helping them succeed with their projects is even better!

At ICN Business School, you can study AND undertake an entrepreneurial project thanks to a personalized pathway, while benefitting from support during and after your studies (through existing schemes: creactive awards, PEEL, Stand-up Artem…).

From 2019, the ICN fund wants to go even further by launching the entrepreneurship prize, at the request of its founding members. The prize will award ICN student entrepreneur(s) with funding for their business and follow-up support from one of our banking partners!


From 2018 onwards, ICN has decided to increase funding for the endowed chairs held by our research professors. The fund will be used to establish new endowed chairs that will carry out research on behalf of future partners.