Fonds de dotation ICN

ICN endowment fund

Endowment and acknowledgments

Since December 2010, the ICN endowment fund has supported the school's development and helped it implement its strategic plan - "Ambition 2022".

We would like to thank our founding members for their loyal support.

We would also like to thank our business partners and our graduates for their involvement.

Are also members of the ICN endowment fund

Our lines of development

The ICN fund supports the school in four key areas.

Teaching and research

ICN's signature philosophy combines creativity and reactivity and places particular emphasis on action. These key words shape the teaching and research carried out at ICN, two aspects that form the basis of any management school.

Innovation and creativity
The ICN endowment fund awards two prizes every year:

  1. The innovation prize, which rewards ICN administrative and teaching staff for their innovative projects and methods.
  2. The creative award, which aims to showcase students' creative projects and help them carry them out.

The dynamics of both fundamental and applied research is a key priority for members of the ICN endowment fund.
That is why they support the UNESCO Chair which helps businesses implement sustainable development goals.

The fund also allocates an annual seed fund for research projects supported by our research professors.

Entrepreneurs school
At ICN Business School, you can study AND start your own business thanks to our bespoke degree pathways and the support provided both during and after your studies.
Since 2019, the ICN endowment fund has promoted the Entrepreneur school, by offering career-focused activities and cementing its position in the heart of the Grand Est ecosystem.
We have also launched the entrepreneurship prize which rewards one or more ICN student entrepreneurs every year, the prize comes with funding and follow-up support from one of our banking partners!

Solidarity and research

Supporting our students and legitimizing our actions

Each year, the ICN fund offers ten solidarity scholarships, primarily to students on the first year of the Grande Ecole Programme. It also offers three excellence scholarships to students applying for the EMBA programme. Each scholarship amounts to €5,000 per year.

In addition, a special Covid-19 solidarity fund was set up at the beginning of the pandemic.

  • In 2018, ICN became the first Business School to assess the maturity of its economic, social, societal and environmental practices by obtaining AFNOR certification in the area of CSR, a process that was funded by donations!


Flying our (your) flag beyond borders!

The aim of this approach is to boost ICN's profile abroad, both through our innovative teaching method but also our research and our students.

  • That's why in 2017, the endowment fund supported the second edition of the international Artem conference on organisational creativity and sustainable development.
  • Development of the Berlin campus has also been co-funded by the ICN endowment fund.


Lend your support!

The aim of the infrastructure focus is to develop and modernize our campuses.

It can also help ICN become more digital…

  • In 2017/2018, the ICN endowment fund participated in the development of our Paris La Défense campus
  • The endowment fund has also allocated emergency funding for digital projects that have been rolled out or increased in response to the need for distance learning due to the pandemic.

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Activity report
2021 - 2023

Donor recognition programme

This programme is based on the level of your commitment, donation, or. the total sum of your donations from 2016-2022. As well as enjoying the benefits associated with their own tier, donors also enjoy the benefits associated with the tiers below them.

For all loyal donors (minimum of 3 years continued support)

  • Special mention in the fund's annual activity report.
  • Subscription to the ICN endowment fund's newsletter

Tax relief

In accordance with current legislation (January 2021), you can choose to deduct:

Tax on real estate assets 75%

75% of your donation from tax on your real estate assets, up to a maximum deduction of €50,000

A donation of €30,000 will therefore only cost you €7,500, once it has been deducted from your taxes.

Important: please inform us if you would like to deduct your donation from the tax on your real estate assets. ICN Business School will then send you a tax invoice.

Income tax 66%

66% of your donation from your income tax, up to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income.

A donation of €1,000 will therefore only cost you €340, once it has been deducted from your taxes.

Corporation tax 60%

60% of your donation from your company's corporation tax, up to a maximum of €20,000 or 5% of your turnover, if the latter is greater.

A donation of €25,000 will therefore only cost you €10,000, once it has been deducted from your taxes.

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