A word from Dean & Managing Director

"ICN's governance is fully committed to sustainable development and social responsibility through its values and ambitions. Our values are openness, commitment and team spirit. These three core principles are reflected both in the way we teach and the way we work with local organisations, companies and socio-economic partners."

"Our global engagement requires us to incorporate an innovative, constantly changing mindset. ICN Business School trains future managers to match the needs of the economy, especially in terms of wealth and job creation. This reality aligns with the ambition to support current executives throughout their careers in the face of professional changes."

"ICN is determined to be the learning center of the Grand Est region. Our slogan, Creactive Business School, combines the qualities of creativity and proactivity, two traits that are vital for any business leader!"

Florence LEGROS

An executive committee that ensures effective governance

Georges RALLI

Georges RALLI

Chairman of the board
Florence LEGROS

Florence LEGROS

Dean and managing director
Philippe ALBANI

Philippe ALBANI

Corporate relations director
Klaus-Peter SCHULZ

Klaus-Peter SCHULZ

Academic and research director


Marketing and communication director
CĂ©dric Ghetty, directeur des programmes


Programmes director
Christine KRATZ

Christine KRATZ

Associate Dean direction of student success
Benj Rizza

Benjamin RIZZA

Administrative and financial director


Quality and accreditations director

The board

Chaired by Georges RALLI

Ex officio member

3 local authority board seats

MĂ©tropole of Grand Nancy
Nicole CREUSOT - Vice Chairperson of the ICN Board of Directors

City of Courbevoie
Sandrine PENEY - Deputy Mayor & General Inspector of the IDF regional council

Regional council of the Grand Est region
Valérie DEBORD - 2nd Vice Chairperson of the Grand Est region responsible for employment, training, careers and apprenticeships

4 University of Lorraine board seats

University of Lorraine (UL)
Hélène BOULANGER - Chairperson & Benoit GRASSER

Lorraine management innovation collegial board (LMI)
Elisabeth DESCHANET - Director

Scientific centre for legal and political science, economics and management (SJPEG)
Olivier CACHARD - Director

Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Systèmes et de l’Innovation (ENSGSI)
Laure MOREL - Director

Active members

2 student body and alumni board seats

ICN Alumni (ICN Business School Alumni Association)
Arnaud LEPAGE - Director - BEEGIFT

Grande École programme students' association
Maxence CRUSEM - President of the ICN students' association 2024

2 board seats for tenured staff at the school

Administrative staff
Frédérique LE MEITOUR - Management Control Department

Teaching staff
Tristan ROGER - Teacher in the Finance, Audit, Accounting and Control Department

10 board seats for businesses

Chambre de commerce et d'industrie (CCI 54)
François PELISSIER - President

ICN endowment fund
Pascal FORNAGE - President

Benoit ZIMMERMANN - Managing Director

Mouvement des entreprises de France (MEDEF 54)
Christine BERTRAND
- President

Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne
Jacqueline SCHNEIDER - Head of HR, quality of working life and diversity

Union des Entreprises de Moselle (UE57)
Jean-Marc CARLUCCI - Board member

Banque de Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Nicole DOCHEN - Head of human resources

ELITE S.A (Switzerland)
François PUGLIESE - Managing Director

KAMPOS (Switzerland)
Georges RALLI - Chairperson of the Board of Directors

ISALegal inc. (Canada)
Lisane DOSTIE - President

The office

Cabinet KPMG (France)
Sylvain WEBER - statutory auditor

Chairman of the board : Georges RALLI

Vice-chairman of the board : Sandrine PENEY

Representative of the President of the Université de Lorraine: Benoit GRASSER

A representative of the business college : Lisane DOSTIE

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