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ICN business partners

ICN has always been known for its close involvement with the local business community and its unwavering commitment towards its business partners.

The corporate relations team builds on this commitment every day by developing a close and personalized relationship with each of our business partners in various areas.

Contact our team to find out more about the services we offer, and create a bespoke collaboration that matches your expectations.

Every partner is unique, which is why we work with you to create a personalised collaboration that is aligned with your values and goals. Our commitments towards one another are set out within a partnership agreement.

Thank you to our partners!

What are your goals?

Optimise recruitment and energise your brand

The Careers and Internship service organises many events throughout the year to help students successfully enter the job market.

These events are an opportunity for our business partners to highlight their structure and activities, and to attract and spot ICN talent.
Maximum exposure for your business.

Bespoke services for your recruitment

  • A prime spot at our business forums
  • Career centre: access the CV library to find the best candidates, a dedicated area in the partners section
  • Organise specially designed recruitment events

Get involved in career round table discussions

Career round table discussions for undergraduate and postgraduate students have been scheduled to take place on Wednesday 23rd of February 2022. During these round table discussions, you have the opportunity as a partner to:

  • Promote your employer brand
  • Introduce students to the careers you offer
  • Share your experience to attract young talent.

Take part in mock interview evenings

Coach our students and prepare them for future job interviews, and spot future talent.

Our goal is to offer a small number of students the chance to meet recruiters from various sectors who can help them hone their interview and presentation skills.

Future dates: laurence.laval@icn-artem-com

Afterworks students/alumni

An event where ICN Alumni have the opportunity to talk to students about their careers and academic journey; students greatly appreciate these discussions and the advice given to them by their older peers.

These activities also help promote the employer brand of the companies represented by the graduates in attendance.

Future dates:

  • Wednesday 27th October 2021
  • Thursday 4th November 2021 17th February 2021
  • Wednesday 24th November 2021 (in English)

Get involved in the curriculum and benefit from a close relationship with students

Teaching partnerships and research offer businesses an opportunity to reflect, and test out innovative managerial practices.

Possible activities: get involved in teaching modules, promote your business games, become involved with a chair project, ARTEM case studies…

Would you like more information?
Contact: Monique BĂ©guin
+33 (0)3 54 50 25 87 /

Training for you or your employees

For more than 25 years, ICN has offered future managers, experienced managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders an extensive range of executive education programmes in Nancy and Metz:

  • degree programmes and professional qualifications: Executive MBA (AMBA accredited), Formacadre - Profit Centre Manager (RNCP level 2 certification).
  • Short courses or professional certificate programmes available in a range of management and business management fields (on campus and online),
  • Bespoke courses that are designed with your business and tailored to your specific needs, available in a range of formats (workshops, seminars, case studies, simulations...).

Support the school with the education we offer and grow your philanthropic image

ICN Business School is a registered non-profit association in accordance with the "Loi 1901" and is a private higher education institution with general interest status (EESPIG). 80% of the schools funding comes from tuition fees.

ICN created its endowment fund at the end of 2010 to help it achieve the goals outlined in its strategic plan and obtain additional resources to secure its positioning and raise the school’s profile.

Graduates and businesses can also help ICN provide high-quality, effective and responsible learning while raising their own profile and benefiting from tax breaks on their donations.

Donor recognition

As a way of saying thank you for your commitment to the school, we have devised a donor recognition programme that offers various rewards depending on the length and level of your support. Here are a few examples.

The name of your business will be displayed in the main foyer

We display the names of our main partners and the names of those who have made significant contributions to ICN Business School and the endowment fund.

Within the school's main campus, there are classrooms bearing the image of ICN Business School's main partners and founding members of the ICN endowment fund.

ICN Business School Donor Reception Dinner

In attendance at this year's ICN Business School donor reception dinner were our main partners (businesses that pay their apprenticeship tax to the school and/or benefactors) and our graduate donors. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by our guests, who look forward to the next reception dinner in 2019.


Monique Beguin

Partnership manager
+33 (03) 54 50 25 87