Student experience


Support is at the heart of ICN!

ICN was one of the first schools to put individualised support at the very of the curriculum. Every student is assigned a personal tutor (1 professor for every 3 students). The school has also been organising outdoor throughout the 3-year programme. At ICN, classes are small and close-knit, whether you are studying in Paris, Nancy or Berlin. #joinourfamily


Our campuses in Paris La DĂ©fense, Nancy ARTEM and Berlin are strategically located near businesses and areas.

Careers and Internship centre

Whether you’re looking for a job in France or abroad, our Careers and Internships centre can help you boost your employability through our links with partner companies.

The PEPS office

The PEPS office can help you unlock your potential and gain a better understanding of your career goals and personality profile!


Beyond academic teaching, ICN seminars allow students to practise the management skills they've learned in an authentic business environment.

The student experience at ICN

Learn, take action, be supported, develop yourself and unlock your potential: studying at ICN is an experience unlike any other!
Whatever course you're on, you'll benefit from personalised support as soon as you join ICN to ensure you realise your full potential. You're in control of your learning and your plans and you're given support to carve out your own path.
Pierre Stéphane Simeon, Head of Student experience at ICN Business School