Support and inclusion

At ICN Business School, support and inclusion are issues we take very seriously. In fact, they echo our values of commitment, openness and team spirit. Our main objective is to create a personalized student experience tailored to each individual's needs. That's why our students can rely on an efficient support service called PEP'S.

PEP'S service support

Personal development has always been a strategic focus for our school. As part of our drive for improvement, we have created the PEP'S department (Professional Experience Personal Support). Its aim is to federate all activities linked to students' personal development (seminars, school projects, personal and professional support, etc.). To find out more, click here! 👇🏼

We know that the period between choosing a school and joining one is particularly stressful. But once you've been accepted, not everything has been resolved! It's perfectly normal to ask yourself questions like:

"Will I fit in? Is this the right school? The right training? What do I want to do next? What opportunities are there?"

It's not always easy to make sense of these new challenges. To help students make their way at ICN, the PEP'S service offers a listening ear, decision-making tools (tests, interest questionnaires, etc.) and advice on how to make the most of life as a student.

Our students can also rely on our permanent teachers. They are our key contacts, both academically and professionally. So, from the moment you join ICN, you'll receive an ongoing and personalized support.

Station A

Our inclusion policy

Firmly committed to the inclusion and support of students with disabilities, our school is also fully adapted. Both in terms of organization and accessibility on our 3 campuses, we are demonstrating a strong commitment to an inclusive policy. Thanks to a comprehensive support system, we will welcome 50 students with disabilities in 2024.

With the support of Madeleine OSTROWSKI, these students benefit from personalized support throughout their career. With regular training from AGEFIPH and the CGE guide, our disability advisor can help you. A special guide for students with disabilities is available in French, English and FALC (Easy To Read and Understand).

Our facilities

Our admissions facilities

Since 2022, for the post-prépa entrance exam, bonus points have been awarded for the admission tests. This considers the degree of disability defined by the MDPH.

Prior to the entrance exams, the PEP'S department contacts students with disabilities to find out about their needs. This process facilitates equal opportunities during the tests.

Our exam facilities

Congratulations on your place at ICN! During your exams, special arrangements are in place:

  • Adapted teaching materials
  • Extra time
  • Adapted examination documents
  • The presence of French sign language (LSF) interpreters
  • The presence of coders in completed spoken language (LPC)

When you arrive at ICN, you'll receive an exam card listing all your needs.

Our day-to-day facilities at ICN

On a daily basis, you'll benefit from special support on campus:

  • You can bring your guide dog with you.
  • Our campuses are fully adapted to the mobility of people with disabilities.
  • Assistance in finding internships with disabled-friendly companies.
  • Partnerships with Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne to promote the employability of people with disabilities.
  • Active participation in DUODAY.

Student testimonials

When I arrived at ICN, two adjustments were implemented to facilitate my access and integration. Because of my hearing impairment, I used to get more tired than the norm. ICN therefore decided to dispense me from lecture courses, which were too stimulating for me. I was receiving the course materials in advance and was able to study them at my own pace. The second adjustment testified from ICN's open-mindedness, since I was accompanied with an assistance dog whose integration at ICN has been facilitated by the administration, the teaching staff and even the students.
Oriane, PGE3 student, Paris
I joined the school with confidence, as I had discovered at the Open Day that the school was ready to support me with my learning disabilities. Since my arrival, I've been lucky enough to benefit from adjustments that guarantee the success of my studies. Thanks to PEP'S and a thorough interview with Madeleine OSTROWSKI, I obtained a card detailing my accommodations, thus facilitating my exam conditions.
Céleste, Bachelor 1 student, Paris
Before the admissions, I received a call to find out what I needed for the tests. As I have Dyslexia, my needs included enlarged subjects, extra time in a dedicated room, and the use of my own software. As agreed, I was able to benefit from this at the tests.
Since joining ICN, with the help of Madeleine OSTROWSKI, I have also obtained a card listing my needs. In addition, the teachers are very attentive to my comments and are always ready to collaborate to improve my learning experience
Solène, Bachelor 1 student, Nancy

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