Want to work at ICN?


Work at ICN

By joining ICN Business school, you will be joining a company that cares about the working conditions of its employees.
Our HR approach: human capital is the main source of social and economic performance and the purpose of HR is to support and develop it, which in turn contributes to the transmission of ethics, responsibility and commitment.

Quality of life at work

- Ergonomic work environment

– Annual staff seminar

– HR workshops

– A range of employee benefits (help with housing costs, CASDEN membership, a discount on tuition fees for your children…)

– A dynamic joint consultive committee


– Tackling all forms of discrimination

– Raising awareness of sustainable development among our employees

– All campuses are suitable for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility

– Gender equality: 50% of the faculty and 74% of the administrative staff are women

Our values

- Open-mindedness

- Commitment

- Team spirit

Current vacancies (administrative and teaching positions)

Join the administrative team

As part of our ongoing activities and strategic development plan, ICN regularly recruits employees on a permanent or fixed-term basis, and offers seasonal contracts, internships, professional training contracts and voluntary work opportunities. The school offers successful applicants a competitive salary and a range of incentives, depending on the post and your qualifications. Applicants need to have a positive attitude and sense of commitment, be open-minded and want to work within a culturally diverse team, particularly by taking a cross-cutting approach in line with our Art, Technology and Management philosophy.

Recruitment process

The CV is not a unique deciding factor, it allows the applicant to highlight the variety of skills they have acquired throughout their career. You can respond to a job posting or make a speculative application by sending us your CV along with a covering letter.

  • Why are you interested in working at ICN Business School, what attracted you to this job offer?
    What makes you the right person for the position?
  • What are your reasons for applying?
  • What would you bring to ICN Business School if we chose you? What are your values? What skills do you think the position requires?

You will receive a detailed response within 2 weeks. If you have been unsuccessful and you would like more information about our decision, you can call the human resources department. If you have been successful, you will be invited to an interview, either in person, over Skype or by phone.

ICN committed to gender equality!

Measurable indicator
(1=yes, 0=no)
Value of the indicatorScoremaximum number of points
of the indicator
Maximum number of points
for measurable indicators
Wage gap16344040
Individual increase gap
(in % points or equivalent number of employees)
Percentage of employees receiving a raise
when returning from maternity leave
0Not measurable150
Number of employees of the
under-represented gender
in the 10 highest earners
INDEX (100 points)93100

What our professors have to say…

I like my job and my school. ICN is a school that is unique, open-minded and innovative, and allows its employees to thrive in their careers by constantly offering fantastic opportunities.
Thierry HOUE
Head of the supply chain management and IT department