At ICN Research is at the heart of our activities. Our research addresses some of the most important and challenging issues facing business and society, advances management practice, and forms the basis for impactful engagement with business leaders.
Research also benefits our students directly: it ensures that they receive the high-quality education they deserve, and equips them with the skills and competencies they need for a successful career in an increasingly complex world

Research at ICN

What sets our researchers apart is their ambition to make a real impact on business and society, and work across disciplinary borders to provide truly creative and innovative solutions.
Professor Klaus-Peter Schulz, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

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Strategy - Research theme

Research at ICN is rooted in the transdisciplinary philosophy of #ArtTechnologyManagement.

Research for business

At ICN, we believe that research excellence combines high-quality scholarship with practical relevance.

Research laboratory and priority scientific axes

The University of Lorraine’s research laboratories are a cornerstone of the School’s research eco-system. Through them ICN faculty connect to larger scientific networks and extended resources to engage in innovative joint research and the dissemination and transfer of results.


Research insight

The faculty's research output reflects the school's mission, committed, innovative and diverse, serving the academic community, businesses and students.

Doctoral programmes

Our doctoral programmes are rigorous and challenging. We provide a dynamic and inspiring research environment and ensure that you can make the most of you doctoral journey. You will work on the most topical issues in business and management, boost your skills, and become academic and business leaders with the potential to make a difference. You will work side-by-side with our international faculty and join a community of enthusiastic scholars who share a passion for research and inquiry.