Graduate success stories

Our goal is to help you stand out in the job market and develop the necessary soft and hard skills to achieve career success: flexibility, creativity, adaptability, open-mindedness… Skills that have allowed our graduates to stand out and build fantastic careers! Discover their success stories!

International Head of Product Marketing and Strategy, Apple, LONDON

CĂ©dric Chambaz (PGE 1999)

"Above all, ICN is an outstanding source of opportunities. The school creates them, but it is up to the students to grasp them.

For me, an international and multicultural environment was essential. I first did an internship at Yves Saint-Laurent in Bavaria, then spent a gap year at Renault in Berlin and finally did an exchange at McGill University in Montreal. My specialisation in advertising marketing appealed to Publicis Singapore, where for 6 years I worked with global brands like L'Oréal and HP from their head offices in Paris.

After that, I felt the urge to go abroad again and moved to London. That cosmopolitan city was perfect for me: I've been working here since 2008 for companies such as Microsoft then Apple, where I create opportunities for our clients, as well as our teams."

digital MARKETING MANAGER AT Editus Luxembourg

Sarah PUPPO (PGE 2017 - MSc LDM 2018)

"After 2 years of literary preparatory classes, I chose ICN because of its ARTEM philosophy and transdisciplinary education, but also for the many student societies. I had the opportunity to join the student union where I was responsible for welcoming new students, alongside the school's student services department.

As my plan was to work in digital marketing, I was able to do my internships in this area, 2 of which were in companies created by former ICN students.

After spending a semester in Norway, I graduated with a double degree in Luxury & Design, which equipped me with the skills to work in numerous sectors: fashion, wine, and spirits, art, watchmaking, fine jewellery, etc.

I've now been working at Editus Luxembourg for 3 years, the former publisher of Luxembourg's yellow and white pages directory and now a Data & Marketing agency, where I have had the opportunity to work with clients from various backgrounds and business sectors, as the head of digital marketing."

MANAGING DIRECTOR AT Altea Immobilière, Luxembourg

Jean-Charles Weiss (PGE 2012)

"I joined ICN after 2 years of preparatory classes followed by a year specialising in Marketing & Communication.

One thing I particularly appreciated was how engaged the professors were with students and how committed they were to preparing us for the challenges tomorrow.

The school offers students all the benefits of a first-class Business School (student societies, events, seminars.) while maintaining a close relationship with every individual student.

Today I manage a lease investment company with 40 employees in Luxembourg.  The entrepreneurship specialisation gave me the skills to evolve and advance our company's strategic development.

Put simply, ICN is a business school in a class of its own!"


FĂ©dora Magnin (PGE 2012)

"I chose to join ICN because of its values and diversity.  Throughout my time at ICN, I was involved in the vibrant university life and in second year, I chose to do an exchange with the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), in Guadalajara, Mexico, which enriched my studies.  The variety and freedom to choose from so many options at the school allowed me to find my professional footing and become more self-aware. After graduating, I immediately travelled abroad and spent a year in the United States to work as a cultural coordinator at the Alliance Française in Washington D.C. I enriched my career path by then getting involved with an NGO at the UN in Geneva and ended up becoming a Project Coordinator at the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration. My studies at ICN and the route I followed also provided me the tools to dedicate myself to my future project "Lifers Without Borders". The aim is to lead expeditions while supporting local communities and raise awareness of the effects of climate change"

Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Groupe MANTU, GenèvE

Thomas BUC (PGE 2011)

"After majoring in economics and social studies at high school, I joined NOVANCIA where did a specialised course in entrepreneurship, and obtained my Bachelor's.  After completing the first year of the Grande Ecole Programme at ICN, which gave me a solid foundation in business, I decided to take a gap year during which I discovered the role of management controller.  The two internships I did at FIAT and then Société Générale confirmed my choice to specialise in Finance for my final semester.

I joined the MANTU group in 2012 as part of the V.I.E. volunteer scheme after graduating, where I worked in Geneva as a management controller.  I progressed as the company grew (40% annual growth). I'm now the deputy chief financial officer of the MANTU group.  I didn't have this particular role in mind, but I was looking for an opportunity to progress and expand my knowledge in other areas.  I wanted to develop alongside my company.  I found ICN incredibly informative and in particular it allowed me to become more confident in myself and my abilities; the group work and regular presentations really helped me in that respect".

Marketing Business Manager Skincare L’Oréal Paris

Kim Poiroux (PGE 2012)

"After two years of preparatory classes, I enrolled on the Grande Ecole programme at ICN Business School where I specialised in Corporate Finance. I had the opportunity to get involved in the vibrant student life as part of the sports society.  After a gap year where I interned for two companies, I did an exchange as part of the MBA programme at the world-renowned Duke University in the United States.  The experience I gained from the internships and studying abroad allowed me to join the Unilever Graduate Finance Programme straight after my 3rd year at ICN, which led to several roles in France and London.  I now work in marketing for the L'Oréal group.  ICN allowed me to develop my ability to adapt in an ever-changing environment and taught me there is no typical route: with ambition and hard work, anything is possible."

Account executive public sector - GOOGLE cloud, google

CĂ©line Heller (PGE 2005)

"I graduated from ICN in 2005 after taking preparatory classes in literature and humanities. I then became Marketing and Communications Manager at Eurolines, a subsidiary of Veolia.  After joining the Corporate Marketing team at Transdev, I decided to change careers in 2014 to manage the Partner Programme at Google Cloud.  Since 2017, I've hosted the blog "Les interviews Empowhers" and I created a non-profit association that offers computing coding workshops primary schools.  More than 200 children benefited from 10 hours of classes last year, and this year we are planning to train more than 500!

For me, ICN is about entrepreneurship, respecting other's opinions, teamwork, sharing enjoyable moments and an incredible network of dynamic people!"


Pierre Guyon (PGE 2008)

"After taking ECS preparatory classes in Brest, I was drawn to ICN Business School for several reasons: its international reputation in finance and access to global auditing firms, the city of Nancy, the tight-knit and friendly community at the school, and its vast array of student societies. I'm mad about sports so I was naturally drawn to the sports society which taught me the importance of teamwork and gave me a taste for challenge and competition.  I did my first internship in strategy consulting, then I decided to specialise in auditing and accounting.  I began my career as an auditor at PWC, I realised that I wanted to dedicate myself to a company and a project that was close to my heart.  My previous role as finance director at Décathlon Retail allowed me to combine two aspects that I felt were important: the human aspect, through managing and supporting my team; and the financial aspect, by maintaining and developing store performance."

M&A Transaction Services, Deloitte, Paris

Noémie Gaillard (PGE 2011)

"After two years of preparatory classes, I joined ICN with the goal of specialising in corporate finance. ICN's finance course gave me a solid grasp of accounting, financial analysis and business valuation methods, before putting what I'd learned into practice within a professional environment.

After a gap year in auditing at E&Y then in Mergers and Acquisitions at Crédit Agricole CIB in Paris, I did my final-year internship in corporate finance at PwC in Luxembourg, where I also began my career.  Since 2013, I've been working in the M&A department at Deloitte in Paris, where every day I apply the financial analysis and accounting skills I learned during my studies at ICN."

Junior Product Manager at Nintendo of Europe, Francfort-sur-le-Main (Allemagne)

CĂ©cile Grongnet (PGE 2018)

"I joined ICN after studying various disciplines - a science baccalaureate, then literary preparatory classes. And although I didn't yet know what to specialise in, I decided to build my career abroad.

After a first year filled with experiences and taking on various responsibilities, especially within student societies, I joined the Nuremberg campus where I specialised in Marketing. We were a small and close-knit cohort, and the teaching staff were always on hand to help.

My gap year and final year internships also took place in Germany, in various companies and industries. Then in 2020, I joined Nintendo of Europe as a Junior Project Manager in the same team as during my final year internship.

ICN's international outlook is a fantastic opportunity on both a professional and personal level for students that are keen to immerse themselves in a different culture or build their career abroad".