MSc in Corporate finance

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MSc Bac +5
Duration of study :
Regular track: 2 years - Short track: 1 year
Place of study :
Berlin, Nancy
Language of instruction :
French, English
Degree awarded :
MSc in Corporate Finance - DESSMI - Level 7 RNCP qualification (French National Directory of Professional Certifications), sheet n° 37475
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Programme overview

The MSc in Corporate finance provides you with the skills you need in financial analysis and management to manage companies at a national and international level. It has been designed to equip graduates with the skills that CFOs and finance managers are looking for. You will gain a solid grasp of investment and risk management, business valuation, cash management, and learn how to create and manage a strategic finance plan, create a business plan, manage mergers and acquisitions, prepare financial packages, etc.

👉 The MSc in Corporate Finance is taught in French on our campuses in Paris and Nancy. In Berlin, the programme will open at the start of the 2024/2025 academic year and courses will be taught in English.

Why choose to enroll on the programme?

Comprehensive training

The MSc in Corporate finance provides specialist training in corporate finance in addition to covering all aspects of general management.


Teaching on the programme is mainly led by industry experts in the fields of corporate finance and law so as to equip students with relevant career skills and expertise. This allows students to immerse themselves in an authentic work environment and handle real-life business issues.

Career opportunities

Unlike other specialist finance courses, the MSc in Corporate finance equips you with the skills you need to succeed in a wide range of professions within all business sectors (trade, services, manufacturing, etc.)


Teaching is led by industry experts in the fields of corporate finance and law and therefore equips students with relevant knowledge and expertise. The main modules cover annual and consolidated accounts, financial data analysis, business plans and cash management as well as Advanced IFRS standards, fundamental financial analysis, financial engineering and corporate and tax law.

Examples of modules:

  • Group accounts in an international setting
  • Evaluation et diagnostic financiers
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Business Plan et Gestion de Trésorerie
  • Advanced IFRS Standards
  • Financial fundamental analysis
  • Financial Engineering
  • Ingénierie financière
  • Micro-certificates, such as Market Liquidity & PriceDiscovery, BMC (Bloomberg), Financial Data Analysis with Excel


Our Paris campus is located in the heart of 
La Défense business district, a stone's 
throw from the head offices of the largest 
French companies. It’s a place for learning, 
but also a place where students, 
businesses, teachers and graduates can 


Ideally located, the campuses of the 
school are located in the heart of Europe 
and take advantage of an impressive 
cultural landscape. The Artem campus in 
Nancy, is a common campus shared 
between the ARTEM partner institutions, 
the National School of Art and Design and 
the National School of Engineering. It 
facilitate the cooperation for 
transdisciplinary pedagogy and research.


Our Berlin campus is located in the 
heart of the Mitte district, right in the city 
centre. The campus covers 500m2, 
enough for 3 classrooms, a meeting room, 
a staff room and a large reception hall.

Work-study format

Students on the programme in Nancy and Paris can gain industry experience by combining their studies with a work placement as part of an apprenticeship. Doing an apprenticeship can boost your employability and is an excellent way to develop hard and soft skills that are highly valued by employers.

Apprenticeships will also allow you to be entirely waived of your tuition fees. The host company pays you a monthly salary for the duration of the contract according to a scale based on the gross monthly minimum wage.

In Berlin, the work-study rhythm will enable you to work part-time in a student-job for 8 to 20 hours per week. This is a great opportunity to expand your skill set. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you can also use your free time to build your own project!

Career opportunities

The MSc in Corporate finance prepares you for a successful career in the financial management field. Roles are available within major groups, SMEs, banks, financial organisations and consulting firms.

Specific roles

  • Credit manager
  • Treasurer
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial advisor (especially in mergers and acquisitions)
  • CFO

100% of graduates are in employment within 6 months of finishing their degree!

Partner companies

CACEIS // CIC // BNP Paribas // Banque Populaire Alsace Champagne Lorraine // Caisse d'Epargne // Crédit Mutuel // Crédit Suisse // EY // ING // KPMG // LCL // Deloitte // Natixis // Numbr // Edmond de Rothschield // PwC // Yzico


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What our students think

The MSc in Corporate Finance equipped me
with new skills and knowledge, particularly in relation to tax and law. I am now working
full-time as a Finance Manager in a start-up and I handle various tasks related to finance, management control, human resources, law and administration.
Stéphane Nemès-Lecreff
Finance Manager France, Facelift bbt