Good reason to study a Bachelor in Management in France

Study a multidisciplinary programme and develop your core business knowledge with ICN's Bachelor in Management degree! Receive a world-class education in France which, world leader country in the spheres of both culture and business

Need more convincing? Found 10 reasons to study a Bachelor in Management degree in France. 

1. Develop a Niche Skill

Management is a difficult discipline to master, hence effective and efficient managers in today’s international world are hard to come by. If you possess these integral skills and knowledge, this can present an opportunity for a varied career with significant progression opportunities. 

Completing a degree in management can begin your career by developing the necessary skills that are in high demand. Studying at ICN Business School will enable you to network with like-minded individuals aiming to begin careers in similar industries. Allowing you to grow your personal and professional experiences in a vibrant and international setting. 

2. Multidisciplinary Focus

Studying a degree in management at ICN Business School will expose you to a unique, multicultural and multidisciplinary learning environment. 

We enables students to experience a more realistic and varied environment which is similar to the workplace. This is increasingly important due to the international nature of the modern digital workplace, and the convergence of the global marketplace. 

3. Reasonably-Priced

In France, there are a wide range of public universities and private business schools which are prestigious Grande Ecole's. Tuition fees can vary from 4000 to 20,000 Euros per year, depending on where you choose. 

However, there are a wide range of student services available for international students, such as housing aids, healthcare, affordable public transport and student deals for food and drinks near every student institution. 

4. Attractive Destination for International Students

With nearly 370,000 international students from 5 continents, France is among the top host countries in the world. 

Choosing to study at ICN Business School presents a great opportunity for the majority of students to broaden their horizons and gain invaluable life experience throughout their studies. Not to mention, living abroad provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of a foreign country. 

Not only is this a great personal development opportunity, but the academic experience is unrivalled. 

All three of the ICN Business School campuses all possess rich learning environments with world-leading teaching resources and experiences.

5. Opportunity to Learn Another Language 

French is the world's 5th most widely spoken language in the world and the most studied language in the world after English. 

So, where better than to learn in France itself? Fully immerse yourself in the culture, as well as thinking of your CV! Plus, you may feel more at ease when settling into your new home and embracing the French way of life. 

6. Varied Job Prospects

Completing ICN's Bachelor in Management degree is a good first step to being a business-related career in a range of fields. ICN graduates gain an understanding of a variety of different business related disciplines. Therefore, they enter the world of work with a comprehensive, balanced skill set to properly them into a wide number of careers. 

The type of qualification is highly transferable and here are some of the most common positions our graduates find themselves in: 

  • Junior Marketing Executive 
  • Junior Intelligence Executive 
  • Event Executive
  • Digital Strategy Executive
  • Traffic Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Relationship Specialist
  • Operational Marketing Executive

7. Good Starting Annual Salary 

According to our graduation employment survey conducted in 2020, 100% of graduates who entered the workforce after they completed ICN’s Bachelor in Management degree, found a job within 6 months. Their average salary was €39,224 in their new role. 

8. The French Way of Life 

Embrace the French way of life! With more than 40,000 monuments and protected sites, 41 UNESCO world heritage sites, 8000 museums, 2000 cinemas and nearly 500 festivals, there is definitely a lot to see and explore. 

9. Study in the Heart of Europe ! 

Europe is a continent of art, culture, and history. France has close country connections to other destinations that are only a rail, road, or flight away. This means you will be able to visit Germany, Spain, or even back to the UK, on a weekend or after term without worrying about them being too far away. Enjoy !

10. France is One of the World’s Top Economic Powers 

France is the 6th economic power in the world and the 2nd in Europe in terms of GDP. It is Europe’s 1st destination for international investments in 2020. 

Choose our Bachelor in Management in Paris or Nancy

ICN Business School is a triple-accredited (AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB) international business school with campuses in Paris, Nancy, and Berlin. As an international business school, international students make up a large proportion of students and are welcomed into the school.

A Bachelor in Management degree from ICN Business School enables students to experience complete cross-cultural academic and professional experiences that cannot be compared. 

Students who graduate from the ICN Business School develop a unique understanding of the international context of business management. Along with this, graduates obtain a heightened level of personal and professional development, which is highly desired by businesses around the world.