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Nancy Campus

Ideally located, the campuses of the school are located in the heart of Europe and take advantage of an impressive cultural landscape.

The Artem campus in Nancy, is a common campus shared between the ARTEM partner institutions, the National School of Art and Design and the National School of Engineering. It facilitate the cooperation for transdisciplinary pedagogy and research.

Common areas are available for students

  • a ‘student house “Maison des Etudiants” allowing students to work independently on their School Association projects,
  • a modern library “Médiathèque” covering more than 2200 m²
  • a student restaurant ” (S)pace CROUS”.

The ICN has also an additional premise on the ARTEM campus near the main building, totaling 390 m², for its Executive Education and Corporate Relations services.

In addition to this section, you can download the students good deals guide!

Nancy: in the heart of Europe

Nancy : the gold city

As the historic capital of the Dukes of Lorraine, Nancy has a rich history. Stanislas Leczcynski (Stanislas I) established his court in Nancy and made it one of the most splendid cities in Europe. Today it is a dynamic cultural and commercial center.

Nancy is located : 100 km from Luxembourg, 100 km from Germany, 150 km from Strasbourg, 300 km from Brussels.

Historic city center

A large groupe of 18thC buildings on Unesco’s World heritage list:

Duke Stanislas redeveloped the area linking the old and new towns of Nancy, building his three famous squares (places in French) on the esplanade that had replaced part of the city’s ramparts.

From north to south they are the Place de la Carrière, Place Royale (today’s Place Stanislas) and Place d’Alliance, the last two being raised in honour of King Louis XV, the son-in-law of Duke Stanislas, former King of Poland.

UNESCO drew up its first World Heritage List thirty years ago. It now includes 370 sites and monuments all over the world. More than 20 sites in France have been awarded this honour. The magnificent 18thC group of buildings in Nancy has been on the list since December 1983 when it was chosen as being of “truly outstanding interest and representing universal values”.

Nancy old town:

This refers to the town which expanded rapidly in the Middle Ages around the Duke’s castle. In the 16thC the most modern defensive walls and bastions of the period were built to protect it. Nothing remains of them today except for a small part of the walls discovered during the renovation of the Fine Arts Museum. The extensive restoration work carried out over the last 15 years makes it one of the high points of Nancy’s heritage.

The new town:

Founded by Duke Charles III in 1588, with its streets all at right angles the New Town has a totally different layout to the Old. It has its own market square and a famous parish church: the Primatial (today’s Cathedral). It was in a position to rival the Old Town as it even had its own independent fortifications. The New Town is in the process of being restored today.

For further information on Historic City Center, visit the website of the Tourism Office.

Find your housing in Nancy

The ICN search platform:

ICN Business School does not own any residence halls. To find your accommodation on one of our campus in France or abroad, you can use our housing search platform.

To log in the platform: if you already are an ICN’s student, you can use your e-mail address; if you are candidate, you can log in with your Facebook account (please, request the identification key to our International Relations Office).

There are 4 main housing categories:

  • A furnished studio in a private student residence hall
  • A furnished studio in a private residence (Les Estudines, Appart’City Cap Affaires),
  • A furnished room in a state-owned university residence (CROUS),
  • Private housing (apartment, roommates).

Both the International Office and the student association Globe and Co are available to advise and help you in your accommodation search.

Important note for any find of housing:

  • You should plan your arrival for a weekday (Monday to Friday) and before 6pm. You should advise the rental office in advance of your intended arrival, as well as Globe and Co association if you need a pick up service at Nancy train station.
  • Keep in mind that residences ask for the payment of a guarantee corresponding to a security deposit which will be reimbursed to you at the end of the contract if there is no damage to the property. Certain residences also ask for a non-reimbursable agency fee for administrative purposes. You should also take out a comprehensive “multi risk” property and contents insurance policy (in case of theft, !re, accident, etc.) with a French company (insurance company, bank or MGEL, student’s insurance agency). If, during your stay, you would like to have a bank account with the French Bank “BNP”, this insurance policy will be offered to you free of charge. Again, Globe and Co will help you with this. Renting a studio in France entitles you to a financial grant, called “Aide Personnalisée au Logement” (visit the Financial Assistance section).
  • In order to get the keys to your studio, you will need four things : a completed application form, a check for the security deposit, proof of insurance and your appointment for the studio inventory.
  • An inventory and damage inspection of the studio will be carried out upon your arrival and again when you leave. You should thus plan your arrival for a weekday (Monday to Friday) and before 6pm. You should advise the rental of!ce in advance of your intended departure. The studio inventory and damage inspections are required. Students who do not respect this rule risk losing their security deposits.
  • The leasing contracts are drawn up on the basis of a traditional leasing arrangement, which student occupants can cancel ONLY upon 3 months notice at the Totem and Pythagore Residence. For example, if you wish to leave your apartment/studio on June 15th, you must send a letter indicating your intention to cancel your leasing contract dated no later than March 15th. The lease cancellation at Les Estudines, Residhome & Cap Affaires is 1-month written notice and 15 days for the Crous residences. The International Relations Of!ce can give you sample of the resiliation letter.

Sports activities

ICN’s sports association (BDS-Bureau des Sports) will assist you with all administrative steps and will also help you join any of the school’s sporting teams if you wish.

Culture and leisure

The famous squares and monuments of Nancy:

The city is particularly famous for its squares and historic monuments:
– La Place Stanislas (this internationally renowned square was built by Stanislas Leszczynski, one of the Dukes of Lorraine. It is famous for its beautiful gilded ironwork)
– La Place Carrière (it stretches from the Heré Gate to the Government Palace)
– L’Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) on Stanislas Square
– Le Palais du Gouvernement (an exquisite building which dominates one end of Carrière Square)
– Le Palais Ducal (the palace is located within the confines of the medieval city or old town)
– La Porte de la Craffe (at one end of the Grande
– Rue in the old town, this imposing fortress once protected the city)
– Religious monuments : Nancy has 6 famous churches : Basilique Saint-Epvre, Eglise des Cordeliers, Cathédrale, Eglise Notre Dame de Bonsecours, Eglise Saint Pierre, and Eglise Saint-Sébastien.


For those who appreciate art and art history, Nancy has 3 museums, each dedicated to a different aspect of the city’s cultural heritage. Located in different parts of the city, the museums have distinctive architectural styles :
– The Museum of Lorraine is located within the Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine in the medieval city. Visitors can retrace the history of the region from prehistoric to modern times.
– The Fine Arts Museum is housed in one of the splendid 18th century pavilions surrounding Stanislas Square. It contains a magni!cent collection of paintings, sculptures and artwork as well as an exceptional collection of crystal by Daum.
– The Museum of the School of Nancy can be found in a late 19th century Chateau. It is dedicated to “Art Nouveau”, the decorative style of art, which #ourished in Nancy at the turn of the 20th century.

For those of you who love nature or for those who are interested in the mining and steel industries (which were the traditional industries of Nancy), the following museums will certainly interest you :
– The tropical aquarium of Nancy has more than 10,000 specimens, some of which represent endangered species. In addition to tropical fish and marine animals, the aquarium contains a natural history museum.
– Iron museum has exhibits on the history of iron and ironwork as well as techniques for making iron.

Theaters, Concerts and Cinemas:

Compose your own programs as there is a vast range to choose from: an opera, a national theater company, a ballet, a symphony orchestra, and jazz and rock concerts. Nancy also has many theatres, concert halls (most famous of which is the Zenith Hall), convention centers and cinemas.

Throughout the year, cultural events are organized by the city or by private associations related to the arts: Passion Theater, The Festival of Saint-Nicolas, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, The International Choral Singing Festival, The Music of Lorraine, Springtime and Poetry, Heritage Festivals…

Parks and Gardens

Nancy has many parks and public gardens. The most famous of these is “La Pépinière”. This 23 hectare park contains both a rose and an English garden as well as a zoo. It is located in the city center, not far from Place Stanislas.

Some websites:

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