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The ICN Faculty

Faculty Management is organized according to two priorities: teaching and research. Responsibility for teaching is shared between the Dean for Faculty and Research, the Academic Committee, and the Academic Departments, represented by their Head. Responsibility for research is shared between the Dean for Faculty and Research, the Deputy Director for Research, and the Scientific Committee.

The dual responsibility of the Dean for both Faculty and Research, allows the School to plan and manage the teaching and research workload of faculty in an effective and integrated way. The Dean sets the balance between teaching, research, and administrative activities for individual faculty members. For the management of the research activity and its integration with the associated laboratories, the Dean is supported by the Deputy Director for Research.

The Academic Committee, meeting once per month, is chaired by the Dean for Faculty and Research. It includes amongst its members:

  • the Director Delegate for Programs,
  • the Managers of the School’s main degree-awarding programs,
  • the seven Heads of Academic Departments, and
  • the Head of the International Relations Service.

Membership reflects the matrix approach to program management, where academic departments act as resource providers responding to the needs of the resource consumers, the degree-awarding programs, i.e. the academic departments supply the programs with appropriate permanent and/ or temporary faculty. The Academic Committee provides also important input into teaching methods, program development and teaching/ research priorities. The Committee can create sub-committees which look in detail at different aspects of academic life. The Committee may also co-opt additional members as and when needed for a specific agenda item.



Management faculty is organized into six academic departments in management, called ‘Départements Académiques et Professionnels’, to indicate the links between the faculty and the professional world. These are :

  • ‘A’,
  • ‘Strategy & Entrepreneurship’,
  • ‘Finance, Accounting, Audit & Control’,
  • ‘Marketing’,
  • ‘Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour’, and
  • ‘Information Systems & Supply Chain Management’.

In addition, the School operates a ‘Foreign Languages & Cultures’ department, which manages the offer in foreign, i.e. non-French, languages.


Mise à jour le 05/05/2020