Nancy elected 6th student city in France!

6th student city in France! 😱

Nancy was elected the 6th student city in France in the new L'Etudiant ranking, and it's not for nothing! With its rich cultural heritage, numerous student events organized each year, a pleasant living environment and an affordable standard of living…, Nancy attracts nearly 50,000 students each year! 🔥 We explain everything to you in detail in this article!

Vibrant student events

Nancy offers a vibrant student scene and hosts a multitude of student events each year. Between festivals, cultural events like the famous Livre sur la Place, concerts, sporting events and student nights, you will experience a student life like you won't see anywhere else! These events help create a feeling of community among Nancy students, thus promoting your integration. In short, you'll quickly feel at home in Nancy! 🤗

👉 The highlight of this year is the "Monumental Tour", an open-air electro concert with DJ set, on the most beautiful square in Europe, Place Stanislas!

A rich cultural heritage

Another characteristic that makes Nancy shine in the ranking of student towns is its exceptional cultural heritage. The city is indeed renowned for its remarkable architecture, in particular Art Nouveau and Place Stanislas, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can also discover the cultural richness of the city by visiting the Opera, the old town, or the Museum of Fine Arts!

A pleasant setting and an affordable standard of living

Nancy is a city on a human scale, offering a pleasant living environment. You can easily get around by bike or even on foot.

Another strong point of the city? Its green spaces where you can relax and stroll during sunny days. For example, Parc Sainte Marie, located a few steps from the campus, is the ideal place for your breaks with your friends! 🌼

Finally, the cost of living in Nancy is also a distinctive element, attracting many students each year. Rents are affordable, ranging from 380 to 500 euros for a studio, and you can benefit from reduced rates on public transport and museums. Plus, transportation is free on weekends!🤩