Integration of international students at ICN Business School

At ICN Business School, the well-being of international students is paramount!

The academic year 2022-2023 started with a 4-day long integration weekend for international students. During this event, 45 international students discovered the beautiful cities of Nancy, Metz and Strasbourg and had a great time at the Europa-Park amusement park! Since there is no one-size-fits-all integration plan, a one-day long integration event was also organised on our campuses in Nancy and Paris as well as a full welcome week on our campus in Berlin with treasure hunts and urban rallies.

To ensure international students are well supported during their stay with us, a buddy ceremony was then organised in October. The event brought together 200 students in the breath-taking Nancy town hall. Our students listened to a concert, enjoyed a cocktail and danced on music from around the world. There could not be a better representative of the international community than the singer Doha of Moroccan origin, who joined ICN as an exchange student from our partner university ECUST in China in her Bachelor's degree, and who finally stayed at ICN Business School for her Master’s degree. The theme of the evening, "chic evening, shocking detail", was highlighted by many students wearing extravagant ties, glasses, headbands or necklaces made of bright garlands! In this festive atmosphere, the international students were able to look for and meet their buddy, using a paper bearing the name of a capital city, while the French students had the corresponding country. The buddies will accompany and support them during their entire stay with us! 

ICN also organises regular meetings for our international students to discover the region and the French culture. Earlier in October, about forty international students discovered a French national sport, the petanque, followed by a barbecue for international students to exchange with the local students present that evening. Congratulations to the team “The Monsters” for winning the tournament!

ICN also celebrated the 35 years of the Erasmus+ programme in October on all its campuses. Some international students joined the celebrations and discovered an exhibition on the European Union with quizzes and prizes to win, watched the documentary Citizen Europe presenting the Erasmus+ programme, and a French movie about Erasmus. 

Last but not least, many international students attended our English debate of the month organised in October on the topic “Lunar tourism: how far should we push innovation?”, presented by the Astronomy Club of Blénod-lès-Pont-à-Mousson. ICN was delighted to hear them discuss about the risks, the sustainability concerns, the research and the political aspects of the development of tourism on the Moon!

And there are still many surprises to come for our international students at ICN Business School!

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