Financial Times Ranking: up 21 places in the world!

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the icn master's degree ranked among the best master's degrees in the world! 🔥

Dazzling progress for ICN Business School in the new Financial Times rankings! 🤩 Climbing 21 places, the school rises to 36th position, ranking among the best master's programs in the world. With this remarkable advancement, ICN records the strongest growth among triple accredited schools. At the national level, ICN also stands out and reaches 10th place in the ranking among post-prep schools.

Based on 19 rigorous criteria, the Financial Times rankings attest to ICN's commitment to academic excellence, professional development and diversity. In total, the school is progressing on 12 criteria, illustrating its quest for improvement and adaptation to the demands of the constantly evolving professional world.

Among the strong points highlighted, the ranking highlights the school's Alumni network, diversity, internationalization and DDRSE commitment.

🎓 ICN stands out through its Alumni network

The school stands out thanks to an active and influential network of former students, reflecting the excellence of the training provided. Salaries and career progression of graduates were also key factors in this success.

👊 A strong commitment to diversity

ICN continues to stand out for its commitment to diversity. Whether at the student, board or faculty level, ICN has created an ever more inclusive environment.

🌍 A remarkable international dynamic

ICN has also distinguished itself by its dynamics in terms of international mobility. This performance demonstrates the school's commitment to openness to the world. The training provided helps prepare students to work and evolve in a globalized environment.

🍃 ICN trains leaders aware of environmental and societal issues

ICN has obtained a remarkable positioning in the DDRSE fields. 18th out of 100, the ranking highlights its commitment to corporate social responsibility and its role in training future leaders aware of the societal and environmental issues of today and tomorrow.