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ICN MSc in International Business Development

The ICN MSc Degree in International Business Development (Bac+5 / 5 years of higher education), is taught in English at the ICN’s ARTEM campus in Nancy, in the north east of France. For the last 4 months of year 2, the course is taught at one of the School’s partner universities, in either Brazil, China […]

An ICN MSc in International Business Development student shares his experience about the program

Emiliano ZAMPINI is an Italian student in first year of the ICN MSc in International Business Development. Before joining ICN Business School last September, he obtained a BBA of Business Administration and Management at the Universita degli Studi Niccolo Cusano-Telematica of Rome.

ICN Msc in finance, insurance and risk management

In the aftermath of the recent financial crisis and against the background of the current low interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB), most organizations in the financial industry are facing a lot of challenges :  governance and behavioral aspects in relation to internal risk management, insurance companies face major challenges of investing […]

Msc in marketing and brand management

This two-year full-time program will give you the strategic and creative skills to enhance an organization’s brand equity and implement effective marketing programs. During the first year you will understand the fundamentals of branding and communication strategies in a digital society. During the second year you will improve your proficiencies in graphic design, visual composition, […]

Admissions: International Candidates

You are an international candidate and wish enroll in one of the ICN programs? You are at the right place! Download below your application form and fill it out. When completed, send it to the International Relations Office. To help in your application process, we advise you to download the fact sheet, depending on your […]

ICN Bachelor of Business Administration (SUP’EST)

ICN Bachelor SUP’EST is an undergraduate program, approved by the French government’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research, taught on our campuses located in Nancy and in Metz (France) and our campus in Nuremberg (Germany). The program allows you to acquire the fundamentals of companies’ management (economics, law, IT, accounting, management…), the main techniques of sales, communication and marketing, as well as a […]

ICN MSc in International Management – MIEX

The ICN MSc in International Management (MIEX), Bac+5 (year 5 of Higher Education) is taught in English throughout the whole program. It is taught in Nancy (France) and in Bologna (Italy) for year 1 of the program, then at one of the ICN’s international university partners in year 2, (either Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia or Sweden). […]

ICN MSc in Luxury and Design Management

The ICN MSc Degree in Luxury and Design Management, (5 years post-High School), is taught on the ICN Business School’s ARTEM campus in Nancy, in the Lorraine region in the north east of France. This unique campus is the result of a partnership between the three Higher Education Schools which make up the ARTEM Alliance: […]

Executive ICN MSc in Business Administration

ICN Business School has established a presence in Shanghai (China) dedicated to Chinese professionals wishing to improve their knowledge in management and business. Inspired by the programs developed in Europe by its Academic Staff, in cooperation with its partners companies, ICN Business School has designed an ‘Executive ICN MSc in Business and Management’ program (see […]

M.Sc. in Digital Management

Entering the digital area means redesigning exchanges, habits, and management. Every company willing to grow – besides the new technology-centered ones – and willing to increase in productivity and competitiveness has to incorporate digital technology in its strategy and have a team of skilled managers. ICN’s M.Sc. in Digital Management provides training to future managers […]

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