MSc Brand and marketing management

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MSc Master's degree
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4 semesters
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MSc in Marketing and brand management
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Strenghts of the programme

Theoretical and creative

Meets the needs of companies seeking new and innovative ideas. Combines the theoretical and creative aspects of marketing and branding. Students apply the conceptual framework to real-life projects with the help of professionals from the world of business.

Unique experience

For a marketing professional in a multicultural company, this is a truly unique personal and professional experience.

Multidisciplinary approach

The multidisciplinary approach is the ARTEM alliance’s key strength, especially in an international context, and one that helps students move beyond the traditionally discipline-based management framework.

MSc in Marketing and brand management


Once they have completed the course, MSc in Marketing and Brand Management graduates will be able to identify ways to build the company’s brand capital and implement a strategy within a multidisciplinary and/or multicultural context. They will also be able to draw on their aesthetic training as a source of creativity when making branding decisions.


Here is an overview of the modules :

  • Consumer Psychology and Market Research
  • Branding in the social media era
  • Offering Management in the Digital Era
  • Marketing Intelligence and Brand Analytics
  • Strategic brand management
  • Current issues in branding and marketing
  • Sustainable brands and ethics
  • Brand design and campaigns

Career outcomes

This program prepares students to take on the following international roles in BtoC or BtoB markets:

  • Global Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand & Marketing Consultant/Analyst

Partner companies

  • Adidas
  • Brand Trust
  • GFK
  • Puma
  • VOK DAMS worldwide


Our new Berlin campus is located in the
heart of the Mitte district, right in the city
centre. The campus covers 500m2,
enough for 3 classrooms, a meeting room,
a staff room and a large reception hall.
ICN Berlin

Admission and tuition fees


  • For MSc1 admissions: 3-year higher-education degree (BAC+3)
  • For MSc2 admissions: 3 or 4-year higher-education degree (BAC+3/BAC+4) with extensive work experience in a company (preferably 3 years in a relevant field)
  • Selection based on an application form and interview

What our students think…

Consumer analytics, event planning, luxury and fashion business, social media communication, among other subjects help students to learn the core principles of marketing and embark on an international career in the sector that they are interested in. The classes were small and wellsupervised. After graduation, I went on to work in the international head offices of Puma and Swarovski.
Anissa Heddouche
Product manager, Spadel