Finance and Risk Management

Informations pratiques
MSc Bac +5
Durée des études :
4 semestres
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Diplôme délivré :
Diplôme MSc ICN ou diplôme MSc-Master of Science labellisé CGE (parcours d’excellence) - DESSMI (diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées en management par l’innovation), visé Bac+5 par le MESR et titre RNCP 7, fiche 37475
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Finance and risk management

Présentation du programme

The Finance and Risk Management programme trains specialists in the finance industry and financial geopolitics. Most Master’s in Finance courses offer either training in the financial markets or corporate finance.

The programme has been designed to fill a niche – in the finance industry – with an emphasis on operational and behavioural issues as well as the strategic location of financial vehicles. The program also looks at the interaction between different financial institutions, with a focus on the emergence of Fintech, Cyber Finance and changes in decision-maker behaviour.

Once they have completed the program, students will understand the different business models and be prepared for employment in a variety of financial sectors: banks, funds, hedge funds, insurance and the strategic consultancy sector. 

You can join the regular track or the short track of the programme.

Les modules

En première année - M1

Admission Bac+3 for a 2-year course (M1 and M2) - Only available in Berlin

Semester 1 :

  • UE1 - Strategy & innovation 
  • UE2 - Project management : toolbox and techniques 
  • UE2  - Business functions (simulation) 
  • UE3 - Asset and Fund Management 
  • UE3 - Financial Econometrics 
  • UE4 - #ATM1 Challenge : CreaCthon product design 
  • UE5 - Explore Your Career Options
  • UE5 - English for Business Functions
  • UE0 - French as a foreign language (optional) 

Semester 2 :

  • UE1 - Innovation, Agility & Design Thinking
  • UE1 - Sustainable development and CSR at the Digital Age 
  • UE2 - Digital transformation & Data security 
  • UE2 - Big Data et Business Analytics
  • UE3 - Market Microstructure 
  • UE4 - #ATM2 Challenge : CreaCthon event design 
  • UE5 - Professional and specialised micro-certificate 
  • UE5 - English for Specific Purposes
  • UE0 - French as a foreign language (optional)

En deuxième année - M2

Admission Bac+4 / Bac+5 for a 1-year course (M2 direct entry) - Only available in Berlin

Semester 1 :

  • UE1 - CreaCtive Learning Expedition 
  • UE1 - Management 4.0 & Leadership 
  • UE2 - International Finance 
  • UE2 - Computational Finance 
  • UE2 - Advanced/Quantitative Risk Management 
  • UE2 - Economics of Banking 
  • UE3 - Professional and specialised micro-certificate 
  • UE4 - Research methods & Data Analytics 
  • UE Quitus - Professional experience M1
  • UE0 - French as a foreign language (optional) 

Semester 2 :

  • UE3 - Professional experience M2 
  • UE4 - Company-based research project 

Optez pour le parcours d'excellence labellisé CGE

The path of excellence

In addition to the DESSMI, you'll be preparing a double Master of Science degree
by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

This course includes at least 50% of classes in English.

Find out more about the CGE Master of Science program



Our new Berlin campus is located in the
heart of the Mitte district, right in the city
centre. The campus covers 500m2,
enough for 3 classrooms, a meeting room,
a staff room and a large reception hall.


In Berlin, the work-study rhythm will enable you to work part-time in a student-job for 8 to 20 hours per week. This is a great opportunity to expand your skill set. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you can also use your free time to build your own project!

Apprenticeships will also allow you to be entirely waived of your tuition fees. The host company pays you a monthly salary for the duration of the contract according to a scale based on the gross monthly minimum wage.

Finally, at ICN, nearly 150 partner companies are ready to meet you during our career forums, which will open the doors to work-study opportunities with major companies.

The Finance and Risk Management programme is highly professional, with courses taught by professionals.

Opportunités de carrière

The Finance and Risk Management programme prepares students for careers in financial management within groups, SMEs, banks, financial organisations and consultancies and more generally in all companies and not-for-profit entities.

Specific roles :

  • Risk advisory consulting
  • Managing risk in the fund industry
  • Specialists in structured hedge fund products
  • Private equity fund analysts
  • Private banking and asset manager
  • Bank consulting
  • Financial sector strategic consultancy
  • Cyber finance consultant
  • Treasurer
  • Financial director
  • Credit manager

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