Ph.D Program

The ICN Ph.D. program intends to transform rigorously-selected and diverse candidates into responsible researchers willing to continuously contribute to the development of contemporary and transdisciplinary knowledge in management and organization sciences within an international context. Guided by the values of commitment and responsibility, the ICN Ph.D. program develops researchers willing to pursue their careers in international universities and other research-oriented entities, taking advantage of a diversified academic network and learning environment.

The PhD program structure

The ICN PhD Programme is the equivalent of 3 full-time years of study, but can be taken part-time in some exceptional cases.
Students are selected on the basis of their research proposal and from the outset have a tutor dedicated to their research. It is this personalized and intensive relationship with the tutor.

The programme is structured as followed:

  • First year: intensive research seminars taken as compulsory courses.
  • After completing the seminars, the students are awarded the ICN research certificate and are authorized to continue their thesis provided their project is validated by the doctoral committee.
  • During the ICN doctoral workshops, students have to present their research proposal advancement in the research axes seminars of the school :
    – December of the second year (paper + presentation): research question and updated literature review.
    – Third year (beginning): advanced workshops with papers and empirical results.
    – Third year (end): pre-defense and defense in the research laboratory.

The degree

  • The ICN PhD is a PhD in Management (Doctor in Philosophy in Management) delivered by ICN Business School.
  • The PhD Degree is awarded by the ICN doctoral committee if all the requirements are filled (seminars, workshops, pre-defense reports in favor of the viva, positive).
  • The Research PhD can be obtained via two paths: a thesis or a collection of articles.
  • The defense is organized when the supervisor considers that the thesis is terminated.
  • The PhD committee is formally appointed by the Dean for Faculty of Research and must abide by the following regulations:
    – the supervisor
    – two other members (reviewers),
    – another member in order to chair the committee, external to the school.
  • Possibility of double-degree with the University of Lorraine in some cases, provided the candidate is admitted to the doctoral school of the University.

ICN Doctoral seminars PhD

  • October | Seminar n°1 in Nancy Campus
    Basics in Conducting an Academic Research in Management Science
  • December | Seminar n°2 in CNIT Paris
    Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities
  • February | Seminar n°3 in CNIT Paris
    Research Design and Qualitative Methods
  • April | Seminar n°4 in CNIT Paris
    Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
  • June | Seminar n°5 in CNIT Paris
    Quantitative Methods, Engagement and Critical Thinking
  • October N +1 | Seminar n°6
    Emerging with Supervisors and Workshop Presentation

Graduation is defined by the rules and regulations of the program. Progression and registration are under the control of the ICN doctoral committee.

Practical information


PhD Director: Prof. Stéphanie THIERRY DUBUISSON
Assistant for admissions and curriculum: Ariella BALTIE


  • The admission committee takes place in mid-June/early July each year.
  • Applications are opened from April, 23rd to June, 03rd.
  • The official Jury will take place in early July
  • The starting seminar will take place in mid-October in Nancy


  • Application form
  • Previous degrees
  • Research proposal
  • Potential tutor contact
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Application fee of 100 €

FEES 2019-2020 :

Doctoral program 1 : 7600€

Doctoral program 2 : 7100€

Doctoral program 3 : 5900€

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