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ICN MSc in International Business Development

Le diplôme ICN MSc in International Business Development, Bac+5, est dispensé en anglais sur notre campus de Nancy (Lorraine), puis chez l’un de nos partenaires durant les 4 derniers mois de la deuxième année (Brésil, Chine ou Sénégal).

Il s’adresse aux étudiants et aux professionnels désireux de devenir les nouveaux acteurs de la négociation internationale, et permet d’acquérir les outils et la méthodologie en négociation ainsi que les techniques de développement des affaires à l’international.

Pourquoi intégrer le MSc in International Business Development ?

  • Profiter des enseignements en anglais délivrés par des professeurs d’ICN, de nombreux professeurs internationaux et des professionnels spécialistes des échanges internationaux
  • Se spécialiser sur les principales régions de développement économique du monde
  • Participer à un séminaire d’une semaine dans un pays émergent
  • Étudier un semestre à l’étranger : séjour sur mesure au Brésil, en Chine ou au Sénégal

Programme académique


  Objectif : Mener des projets internationaux et découvrir les régions à fort potentiel de développement

Semestre 1 :

  • Adjustment Courses
  • International Practice :
    – Export Strategy
    – International Bids for Tenders
    – International Business Law
    – Lobbying and Financing Export Development
    – Accounting for Strategic Decisions
  • Seminar an emerging country
  • Developing Business with central Europe :
    – Business with Eastern Europe & Russia
    – Business with countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Developing Business with Latin America :
    – Business with Latin America
    – Business with Brazil
Semestre 2 :

  • Developing Business with Asia :
    – Business with China
    – Business with India
  • Developing Business with Africa and Middle Eastern Countries :
    – Business with South Africa
    – Business with Middle East Countries
    – Business with Maghreb
  • Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship :
    Creative Processes for Business Development
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Languages & Cultures
    – English Language Proficiency Test
    – Chinese for beginners or Portuguese for beginners
  • Study abroad : in Brazil, China or Senegal
  • MSc Thesis
En complément des cours :

  • Réalisation d’un mémoire relatif au développement d’affaires à l’international puis soutenance devant un jury.
  • Participation à un séminaire d’une semaine dans un pays émergent permettant de découvrir sa culture et son économie.
  • Réalisation, en groupe, d’un projet d’export dans un pays émergent pour une entreprise.
  • Choix d’un partenaire pour étudier pendant un semestre académique à l’étranger et se spécialiser sur un marché :
    – Facultades de Campinas in Campinas / SP (Brazil)
    – Sichuan Agricultural University in Chengdu (Chine)
    – Sup de Co Dakar (Sénégal)

Universités partenaires du programme

Les étudiants doivent réaliser un séjour académique à l’étranger (de mars à juin) au sein d’une des 3 universités partenaires du programme : à FACAMP (Brésil), à la Sichuan Agricultural University (Chine) ou à Sup de Co Dakar (Sénégal).

Faculdades de Campinas – Brazil

FACAMP, Faculdades de Campinas, is a privately owned college located in Brazil, founded in the year 2000. In less than a decade, its innovative educational project has conquered the recognition of Brazilian academic community, as well as of our dynamic labor market, which grew 7.5% in 2010.

FACAMP is located in the town of Campinas, the 13th richest town in Brazil, with its 1 million inhabitants (2 million with suburbs) and a GDP of U$19 billion. Campinas is a 1-hour (90 km) trip from Sao Paulo (90mn by bus), Brazil’s major city and its economic center. Campinas Airport (Viracopos) has around 140 daily take offs for all majors cities/regions in Brazil.
The town of Campinas has an acknowledged vocation for technological innovation and it is surrounded by many renowned universities, technology research centers, and high value adding global enterprises, such as 3M, Bosch, Honda, Motorola, Pirelli and Samsung, among others.

FACAMP’s campus spreads over 100.000 m², with more than a thousand native trees and 22 thousand orchid plants. Its building are ample and air conditioned.
Born with a vocation to excel in human sciences, FACAMP has 2600 students in undergraduate courses of Business, Law, Economics, International Affairs, and Publicity and Marketing. It has also developed the areas of Design and Production Engineering.

FACAMP has 230 full and associated professors, instructors and researchers which develop an innovative pedagogical project in terms of Brazilian standards, marked by:
– Full time teaching, with students having academic activities activities from 8 am to 5 pm, five days a week.
– Personalized tuition, with few students in each class, and permanent contact among professors, faculty directors, students and families.
– Strong engagement with the intellectual development of its students, through policies of promotion and incentives for the production and improvement of ideas, facts and information.
– Emphasis on the development of ethical citizens, aware of their responsibilities as agents for social transformation.
– Combination of theoretical teaching with professional practice through labs and professional practice centers.
– Strong support to learning: all courses have labs and workshops for developing reading, literature and mathematical skills.
– Language tuition : all students must deepen their knowledge of Portuguese native language and must acquire proficiency in English.
– Our students get good employment rates, as compared to other universities, both in public and private sector.
– Last but not least, in recent years we have been awarded by the Brazilian Secretary of Education as one of the top five colleges in Brazil.

College of Economics & Management, Sichuan Agricultural University – China

Sichuan is a province of the People’s Republic of China, located in the southwest of the country. Sichuan has been historically known as the “Province of Abundance”.

Great strides have been made in developing Sichuan into a modern hi-tech industrial base, by encouraging both domestic and foreign investments in electronics and information technology (such as software), machinery and metallurgy (including automobiles), hydropower, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

As the capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is one of the most important economic, transportation, and communication centers in Western China. China’s state council has designated Chengdu as the country’s western center of logistics, commerce, finance, science and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication. It is also an important base for manufacturing and agriculture.

Sichuan Agricultural University, one of the 100 key universities selected by the Chinese government to receive special funding under the “211 project”. There are 3 campuses in Sichuan which is Chengdu, Ya’an and Dujiangyan. College of Economics and Management settled in Chengdu Campus of Sichuan Agricultural University in Feb. 2011. It’s originated from Department of Agricultural Economics, Sichuan University in 1943. CEM has enrolled students from more than 20 provinces around the whole country, and currently has 3680 undergraduates and about 500 postgraduates. It has a qualified faculty with over 100 professional teachers, including 63 professors and Associate professors, 15 doctor tutors and 61 master tutors.

CEM is the fastest growing in Sichuan Agricultural University that has 4 departments (Economics, Financial, Management, Management of Agriculture and Forestry), 1 experimental teaching center of economics and management, and 1 research center(Sichuan Rural Development Research Center).

Sup de Co Dakar – Senegal

First Business School in Senegal, the Group Sup de Co Dakar has been training high-level managers in all business management and ICT since 1993.

Sup de Co, on the watch for the mutations of an economy perpetually changing, has managed over the years to develop into a radiant group comprising nine high-quality higher education centers.

A higher education institution with a 20 year training expertise accredited by the state; certified ISO 9001: 2008 and labeled Waemu Centre Of Excellence; its “Bachelor” and “Master” degrees are recognized by the CAMES (African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education).

It offers more than one hundred training opportunities covering all areas of Management and ICT. Initial training, lifelong and sandwich education in compliance with the international standards.

An exceptional integration rate in the professional world of its graduates. More than 350 experienced professors and senior executives involved in the training; The opportunity for the students to pursue studies in the best universities and business schools in Europe; last generation Educational tools; Students from more than 25 countries.

Sup de Co Dakar has built its reputation on the quality, rigor, and relevance of his teachings. Our programs are hinged upon our own history, but also on the experience and expertise of our partners.

Furthermore, our global presence is emphasized by the quality of our courses, with high international standards, international faculty members and professors, 40% of international students from more than 25 countries.

Accompagnement personnel et professionnel


  • Tout au long de l’année, le service PEPS – Professional Experience & Personal Support vous propose des outils d’aide à la décision (tests, questionnaire d’intérêts…) et vous aider à construire le cursus qui vous convient le mieux.
  • Un tuteur, professeur permanent de l’école, vous accompagne tout au long de votre parcours à ICN. Il est votre interlocuteur privilégié tant sur le plan académique que professionnel.
  • L’objectif du Service Carrières et Stages est de développer votre employabilité et de faciliter votre insertion professionnelle. Nous vous proposons un suivi personnalisé sur RDV, des ateliers thématiques (CV, entretien, réseau, international,…), des simulations d’entretien en face à face ou via notre outil Easy Recrue (vidéo différée), des rencontres avec des professionnels (afterworks, soirées simulation d’entretien),…
    Par ailleurs, notre Career Center vous permettra d’accéder à des centaines d’offres de stage et d’emploi en France et à l’international ainsi que tous les conseils nécessaires quelle que soit votre destination.

Modalités d'admission




  • Après un bac+3 et 3 années d’expérience professionnelle
  • Admissions : contacter le pôle formation continue ICN

Informations pratiques


  • 1  année d’études


  • Anglais


  •  ICN Business School à Nancy (le 2ème semestre peut se dérouler au Brésil, en Chine ou au Sénégal)


  • ICN MSc in International Business Development, délivré par ICN Business School.


  • Responsable d’un service export, responsable de zone export, responsable d’une filiale à l’étranger, responsable du développement export, négociateur international, créateur d’un service export au sein d’une PME…


  •  8 700 €