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MSc in International business development


2 semesters (1 year including an internship of at least 5 months)



The program has four main thrusts and enables students to:

  • Understand, analyze and leverage cultural differences in the workplace to acquire high-level skills in international negotiations (import and export).
  • Master the European business world, as well as international trade techniques.
  • Implement and run international development projects.
  • Identify and evaluate international business opportunities.


The program is split into modules that allow students to acquire international trade and negotiation techniques and discover which regions of the world have the greatest business potential:

  • International Practice
  • International Commerce
  • International Sourcing & Logistics
  • Advanced Negotiation
  • Developing Business
  • Export Project & Strategy

Débouchés possibles

  • Export Department Manager
  • Export Zone Manager
  • Export Development Manager
  • International Negotiator, Import and
  • Export Operations Specialist
  • Entrepreneur

Entreprises partenaires

  • Saint-Gobain PAM, Pont-à-Mousson
  • Rehau, Morhange
  • FE Group, Flavigny sur Moselle
  • Ets Moine, Xertigny
  • CCI International, Lorraine
  • Helvetia Assurances, Colmar

Admission et frais d'études


  • 4-year higher-education degree (BAC+4) or Master’s
  • 3-year higher-education degree (BAC+3) with extensive work experience in these fields
  • Proficiency in English essential
  • Selection based on an application form and interview

Tuition fees


Amandine Dabrowski

Amandine Dabrowski

IBD MSc graduate

The IBD MSc was an extremely rewarding year for me that broadened my horizons and widened my knowledge base, mainly due to the unique nature of the course and the high quality of teaching. This degree also introduced me to international trade and exposed me to cultural differences, which have an important impact on trade negotiations between countries.


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