MSc in global business management

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MSc Bac +5
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4 semesters
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MSc in International business development - DESSMI - Titre RNCP 7, fiche n° 37475
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Programme presentation

The MSc in global business development aims to develop the knowledge and expertise necessary to understand international business issues. It offers a wide range of skills and techniques specific to the field of international management and business practices, so that you learn to analyse the situations and challenges that companies may face in an international context. After following this master of science, you will be able to work in multicultural contexts and make strategic decisions in all areas of a business.

Strengths of the programme

A course taught by a specialised and highly qualified teaching staff

Including professionals with an international business background.

Links with companies

Who operate on an international scale (e.g.: The Lorraine Exporters Club).

Practical experience of the corporate environment

With site visits, meetings with professionals from the sector and an extended final internship (5 months).


The programme is split into modules that allow students to acquire international trade and negotiation techniques and discover which regions of the world have the greatest business potential:

  • Global Business Environment
  • International Corporate Strategy
  • International Geopolitics
  • More than 30 micro-certificates, such as New Patterns of Organisation and Consumption, French Foreign Trade Certificate, SAP


Our campus in Paris is located in the heart of La Défense business district, a stone's
throw from the head offices of the largest
French companies. It’s a place for learning,
but also a place where students,
businesses, teachers and graduates can


Students on the programme can gain industry experience by combining their studies with a work placement as part of an apprenticeship. Doing an apprenticeship can boost your employability and is an excellent way to develop hard and soft skills that are highly valued by employers.

Apprenticeships will also allow you to be entirely waived of your tuition fees. The host company also pays you a monthly salary for the duration of the contract according to a scale based on the gross monthly minimum wage.

Finally, at ICN, 150 partner companies are waiting to meet you during our career forums, which will open the doors to apprenticeship opportunities within leading companies

Professional outcomes

  • Innovative Business Manager
  • International Leader
  • Manager in Global Employment Relations
  • Manager in Change and Complexity
  • Manager in Global Diversity and Equality
  • Manager in Decision Tools
  • Export Department Manager
  • Export Zone Manager
  • Export Development Manager
  • International Negotiator
  • Import and Export Operations Specialist
  • Entrepreneur

100% of our graduates are in employment within 6 months of finishing their degree!

Partner companies

  • Saint-Gobain PAM, Pont-à-Mousson // Rehau, Morhange // FE Group, Flavigny sur Moselle // Ets Moine, Xertigny // CCI International, Lorraine // Helvetia Assurances, Colmar


Interested in this programme? Discover the different routes of entry depending on your profile!

What our students think...

The IBD MSc was an extremely rewarding year for me that broadened my horizons and widened my knowledge base, mainly due to the unique nature of the course and the high quality of teaching. This degree also introduced me to international trade and exposed me to cultural differences, which have an important impact on trade negotiations between countries.
I’m very proud to have obtained this triple degree and to belong to the MIEX community.
I have developed greatly both personally and professionally.
Amandine Dabrowski
IBD MSc graduate