MSc in Marketing and innovation

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MSc Bac +5
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4 semestres
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MSc in marketing and innovation
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Marketing & innovation produit Berlin
MSc marketing and innovation


The objective of the MSc in marketing and innovation is to provide you with an overview of innovation marketing and the tools needed to boost creativity and translate your ideas into products and services. With the current evolution of the markets and the digitalisation of the product offer, companies must show innovation and reactivity facing a constant challenge: to be ahead of the competitors. 
This specialisation aims to teach you how to manage all the phases of development of new products and services: strategy, elaboration of the innovation through design thinking, prototyping of the innovation, legal protection, launch on the market and follow-up of the client on physical and digital platforms. 

Professional outcomes

  • Product manager
  • innovation manager
  • online marketing manager
  • entrepreneur
  • business developer
  • project manager


Our new Berlin campus is located in the
heart of the Mitte district, right in the city
centre. The campus covers 500m2,
enough for 3 classrooms, a meeting room,
a staff room and a large reception hall.

Admission and tuition fees


For MSc1 admissions: 3-year higher-education degree (BAC+3)
For MSc2 admissions: 3 or 4-year higher-education degree (BAC+3/BAC+4) with extensive work experience in a company (preferably 3 years in a relevant field)

Selection based on an application form and interview

Tuition fees