MSc in Cultural and Creative Industries Management

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MSc Bac +5
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4 semesters
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MSc in cultural and creactive industries management - DESSMI - Titre RNCP 7, fiche n° 37475
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Programme presentation

The MSc in Cultural and Creative Industries Management is in line with the #ATM approach, which promotes creativity, the ability to develop original ideas and appreciate cultural diversity. Based on a transdisciplinary approach to learning, this programme places a significant focus on professional development with emphasis on connecting theory and practice. The whole programme offers you a comprehensive map of the business side of a dynamic and fast growing field such as the Creative Industries

Strengths of the programme

Interaction between students and teaching staff

An immersive educational approach that places an emphasis on interaction between students and teaching staff. The course is taught via tutorials, visits, practical workshops and entrepreneurial projects.

Experts from the arts and cultural sectors

A vocational course that boosts the students’ professional development by inviting experts from the arts and cultural sectors in to share their experience.

Creativity, original ideas and cultural diversity

A course that is fully in line with the school’s ARTEM principles that promote creativity, the ability to develop original ideas and appreciate cultural diversity.


The course covers a wide range of disciplines, from strategy to marketing, managing creativity and talent, project management to intellectual property rights, while also considering how digital is impacting companies that operate in the creative and arts sectors. In this course, the final seminar on management of the creative and cultural industries is particularly important, as students are given a project that is based on an actual managerial problem (examples: Musée de la Cour d’Or de Metz, Sony Music Entertainment, Auditorium du Louvre, etc.)

Examples of modules

  • Consumption & Brading in Cultural and Creative Industries
  • Practice of Fundraising for the Cultural and Creative Industries
  • Cultural and Creative Industries Management 2
  • The Art and Entertainment Management Seminar
  • Specialised guest lectures»Sectorial company visits
  • More than 30 micro-certificates, such as Brand Design and Campaign, Hospitality, Codage, Psychologie du consommateur et analyse du marché, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Salesforce


Our Paris campus is located in the heart of 
La Défense business district, a stone's 
throw from the head offices of the largest 
French companies. It’s a place for learning, 
but also a place where students, 
businesses, teachers and graduates can 


Students on the programme can gain industry experience by combining their studies with a work placement as part of an apprenticeship. Doing an apprenticeship can boost your employability and is an excellent way to develop hard and soft skills that are highly valued by employers.

Apprenticeships will also allow you to be entirely waived of your tuition fees. The host company also pays you a monthly salary for the duration of the contract according to a scale based on the gross monthly minimum wage. 

Finally, at ICN, 150 partner companies are waiting to meet you during our career forums, which will open the doors to apprenticeship opportunities within leading companies

Professional outcomes

One of the main aims of this programme is to provide students with the skills they need to work in the creative industries.
The management skills that they will acquire will enable them to work in middle to senior management positions in theatre companies, museums, sports centres, art galleries, tourist attractions and production companies.

Specific roles

  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Developer
  • Theatre or Opera House Director
  • Brand Marketing Director
  • Cultural Policy Manager for a museum
  • Sponsorship Manager for a music festival
  • Video Game Manager
  • Cultural or Sports Event Organisation Manager

Partner companies

American Center for Culture and Arts Paris // Art work Luxembourg // Auditorium du Louvre // Ensemble Dialogos – Paris // Leonart – Nancy // Musée de la Cour d’Or – Metz // Nancy Tourist Office // Nancy Opera // Sony Music Entertainment


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What our students think…

One of the strengths of this particular program is that it brings in people who have worked in the cultural sector. They are able to share their experiences and offer us specific advice, helping us understand how the cultural sector operates. We were tasked with running projects from start to finish.
Aurélia Pogorzelski
Policy Officer, Alliance Française (Johannesburg)