MSc Corporate finance

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MSc Bac +5
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4 semesters
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MSc in Corporate Finance
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Strengths of the programme

A complete training course

The MSc Corporate Finance offers specific training in corporate finance in addition to general management training.


In order to ensure professionalisation, most of the classes are taught by professionals in the field of corporate finance and law. This allows students to put themselves in real working conditions while dealing with real company cases.

Professional outcomes

Unlike other specialised finance courses, the MSc in Corporate Finance offers a wide choice of positions in various sectors of activity (commerce, services, industry, etc.).

MSc corporate finance


The MSc in Corporate Finance provides you with the required skills for the analysis and financial management of companies in a national and international context. It has been designed to meet the skill requirements of CFOs and finance managers. You will acquire skills in investment and risk management, business valuation, strategic financing and management, cash management, preparation of business plans, management of mergers and acquisitions, preparation of financial packages, etc.


The courses are taught by corporate finance and law experts and are tailored to meet the needs of the sector. The main modules cover annual and consolidated accounts, financial evaluation and diagnosis, business plans and cash management, but also Advanced IFRS standards, fundamental financial analysis, financial engineering and tax and company law.

  • Group accounts in an international setting
  • Financial evaluation and diagnosis
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Business Plan and Cash Management
  • Advanced IFRS Standards
  • Fundamental Financial Analysis
  • Tax and Corporate Law
  • Financial Engineering


Ideally located, the campuses of the
school are located in the heart of Europe
and take advantage of an impressive
cultural landscape. The Artem campus in
Nancy, is a common campus shared
between the ARTEM partner institutions,
the National School of Art and Design and
the National School of Engineering. It
facilitate the cooperation for
transdisciplinary pedagogy and research.

Career outcomes after the MSc in corporate finance

This specialisation prepares you for careers in financial management within groups, SMEs, banks, financial organisations and consultancies.

Possible careers

  • Credit manager
  • Treasurer
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial advisor
  • Financial director

Partner companies

  • CIC
  • BNP Paribas
  • Banque Populaire Alsace Champagne Lorraine
  • Caisse d'Epargne
  • Crédit Mutuel
  • Crédit Suisse
  • EY
  • ING
  • KPMG
  • LCL
  • Deloitte
  • Natixis
  • Numbr
  • Edmond de Rothschield
  • PwC
  • Yzico

Admission and tuition fees


  • For MSc1 admissions: 3-year higher-education degree (BAC+3) with an extensive work experience in a company (preferably 3 years in relevant field)
  • For MSc2 admissions: 4-year higher-education degree (BAC+4) in business administration
  • Selection based on an application form and interview

Tuition fees