Visiting Researchers program - ICN Business School

Visiting Researchers program

ICN Visiting researchers program aims to encourage and enhance research collaboration between ICN faculty and international visiting researchers.

Program details


  • ICN BS visiting researchers program may last between few weeks and twelve months inclusive. Timing of visit must correspond with the ICN academic calendar (September to June). Visiting researchers must arrive at a mutually agreed upon date.


  • Although visiting researchers are not employees of the school (i.e. no compensation or benefits package), they will receive upon request certain courtesies such as: access to the shared office space (including the school’s libraries), office facilities (printers, internet access, e-resources).


  • Visiting researchers will be expected to Interface with ICN faculty, work on joint articles, and to do at least one research presentation.
  • Visiting researchers will be welcome to attend the general academic and public events at ICN BS (Faculty Day, Research seminars, conferences, etc…), audit courses (with the consent of the professor).

Required Application Materials

  • Completed application form
  • Detailed curriculum vitae
  • Research proposal with one page abstract (detailing the specific areas of research and teaching expertise, the specific goals the visiting expects to fulfill from the experience, the nature of the research project, the methodology to be used and the expected results of the work).

Assessment committee

  • The scientific committee of ICN Business School will examine the requests in order to identify the opportunities for collaboration with a member of the Faculty according to the expertise of the researcher.

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