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Station A

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How the project began

The aim of the #ArtTechnologymanagement concept is to mobilise teaching staff and researchers from different cultures to create a curriculum that draws on a wide range of disciplines: art, communication, design, business management, marketing, finance, energy, materials, processes, geoengineering, applied mathematics, information and systems.

This approach meets the needs of socio-economic players, in terms of their ability to come up with spaces for exchange and collaboration, make links between research, and create, produce and discover new fields and development methods.

ICN Business School is pursuing its growth strategy and has opened campuses in Paris and Berlin. Our core Artem philosophy is taking on a new dimension by developing partnerships on each campus with schools whose areas of expertise are often far removed from ours (e.g. architecture, sport, design, technical innovation labs and computing).

This approach is supported by our partner companies and allows us to offer our students complex work as part of an entrepreneurial immersion programme. Students are encouraged to see things from a different perspective by deepening their understanding of other cultures on both national and international levels.

This innovative approach is also supported by Station A(rt Technology Management), an ambitious project combining an experimental learning lab, transdisciplinary academic research and an innovative and technological space, the Moving Lab, which promotes experiential learning.

A place for learning and flexibility

Individuals act in an "evolving" ecosystem in which they step out of their comfort zone, mobilise their resources and other people’s resources, develop new ways of thinking, and stimulate dynamic evolution.

Station A is a place at ICN dedicated to transdisciplinarity, creativity and teaching innovation, a meeting place for students, research professors and economic and institutional partners.

Artem events (Creative Days, BB days, Artem insight)

on topics like the silver economy, social housing, implementing CSR policy, CSR management, and entrepreneurial projects on sustainable development issues.


Workshops (Artem or inter-campus)

on entrepreneurship, tomorrow’s banking for 18–25-year-olds, human enhancement, and the best strategy for creative production 3.0.

Workshops entreprises à thèmes

on topics such as digitalisation, organisational change, computing and human relationships.

Creativity sessions using the AGILE and immersion methods

the impact of music at work.

Standing conferences

organised by European and international universities and schools.

"Tailor-made" learning capsules and/or executive education programmes

according to the needs of businesses and/or in line with our training projects.

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