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Human Resources and Organization

permanent professor

DELOFFRE Guy – Human Resources and Organization
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Guy Deloffre studied languages (German and English) as well as marketing  in Valenciennes (France), then communication in Paris (University Paris XIII) and in Montréal, Canada (Université du Québec à Montréal). He holds a PhD in Education Sciences from the University of Lorraine, Nancy, France.

His actual position : he has been a full-time associate professor and scholar at ICN Business School (Institut Commercial de Nancy, France) since 1994, part of the HR Management dept team. He is currently director of the program MSc in International Business Development.

Teaching activities : he teaches communication, HRM and specifically negotiation and international negotiation to different groups of students and company executives. These modules present theoretical as well as practical approaches of the negotiation process, they are done in different languages (F, GB or D) and usually last 1 to 10 days.

He also has teaching activities in international companies, training managers to HRM issues, like motivation and control, negotiation, business and contract negotiation, cross-cultural issues or change management.

Publications and research : his research activities are mainly in the field of modelising negotiation processes, in intercultural negotiation as well as negotiating processes (he developed the Deloffre-Carré model of tactical phases for business negotiation).

International experience : besides having lived more than one year both in Germany and Canada, his international experiences are research- and teaching-oriented in more than 15 countries, the most important of them being in Russia, Luxemburg, the USA and Germany. To these, we can add Poland, England, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, Senegal, Algeria, Egypt, China…

Start End Title Institution Country Nature Discipline
1992-01-011994-01-01Professor at ESIDECEsidec (Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Commerce)-OtherNegotiation Techniques
1990-01-01-President & TrainerSté D & D (Développement et Diffusion)France-International Negotiation
1984-01-011986-12-31Department coordinatorChambre of Commerce & Industry of Saint DiéFranceDepartment coordinatorOperations Management
1981-12-311983-12-31-UER Expérimentale de BobignyFranceTeaching AssistantCommunication
1980-12-311981-12-31Research team memberUER Expérimentale de BobignyFranceResearch team memberCommunication
Taught courses
Year Title Country Institution Degree Discipline Language
2011Economic GameFranceICN Business SchoolBachelorEconomicsEnglish
2011Sales ContestFranceICN Business SchoolBachelorNegotiation TechniquesEnglish
2010International Negotiation (Adjustment)FranceICN Business SchoolSpecialized MastereInternational NegotiationEnglish
2010Commercial NegotiationGermanyICN Business SchoolBachelorNegotiation TechniquesEnglish
2010Negotiation TechniquesAlgeriaICN Business SchoolBachelorNegotiation TechniquesFrench
2009International NegociationFranceICN Business SchoolBachelorOtherEnglish
2009International NegotiationFranceICN Business SchoolSpecialized MastereInternational NegotiationEnglish
2009International NegotiationSenegalICN Business SchoolBachelorInternational NegotiationEnglish
2009NSenegalICN Business SchoolBachelorInternational NegotiationFrench
2009International NegotiationFranceICN Business SchoolBachelorInternational NegotiationEnglish
2006Negotiation techniques & Information analysisFranceICN Business SchoolSpecialized MastereNegotiation TechniquesEnglish
Research interests
Title Discipline
NégociationScience du comportement
Year Type Extract Status
2017Journal articleDELOFFRE, G., "Teaching an International Negotiation Course: The Key Success Factors", Decision Line, October 2017, vol. Vol 48, no. No 5, pp. 38-40Published
2017Proceedings from scientific conferenceSAINT-DIZIER DE ALMEIDA, V., F.ILARDO, I.SERRE, O.CACHARD, G.DELOFFRE, "Apport de l’expertise ergonomique aux formations basées sur des allo-confrontations" in 52ème Congrès de la Société d’Ergonomie de Langue Française., Société d'Ergonomie de Langue Française, 2017, ToulousePublished
2013Communications in an Academical or Professional conferenceDELOFFRE, G., "What do students & adults do when they negotiate : a qualitative study of French Business situations" 44th Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting (DSI). 2013, Bali, IndiaPublished
2016Communications in an Academical or Professional conferenceDELOFFRE, G., "Bureaucratic Organizations and Asymetry in Negotiation, Early Developments" NorthEast Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting (NEDSI). 2016, Alexandria, Virginia, United States of AmericaPublished
2014Communications in an Academical or Professional conferenceDELOFFRE, G., "Que négocient les salariés quand ils négocient en entreprise ? Etude de situations de négociation dans des PME françaises. " 5e Biennale Internationale de Négociation, Paris. 2014, Paris, FrancePublished
2016Communications in an Academical or Professional conferenceDELOFFRE, G., "FORMER A LA MEDIATION CIVILE ET COMMERCIALE, Premier bilan d’une expérience certifiante de formation continue" 2016, Paris, FrancePublished
2017Communications in an Academical or Professional conferenceDELOFFRE, G., "Paradigm of sustainability in business negotiations using a transactional model of negotiation. Early developments" 2nd ARTEM Organizational Creativity and Sustainability International Conference (ARTEM OCC). 2017, NancyPublished
2019Interview, debate, BroadcastDELOFFRE, G. - "Quelle cohésion sociale dans le futur entre le Luxembourg et ses voisins? Café-Débat "Science et Société", Kulturfabrik" - 2019, Esch-sur-Alzette, LuxembourgPublished
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