Nuremberg Campus

« Already 950 years old and still not a wrinkle ». It’s like that the old imperial city of Nuremberg presents itself.

This ICN campus is at 1h25 form Paris by plane, in the core of the Baviere region, in a major cultural metropolis of Germany.

The ICN campus is located in the center of the city, allowing students to benefit from infrastructure and dynamics of the city. The site of 1,350 m2 is used in cooperation with the German partner, Grundig Akademie. Programs on offer are the Bachelor of Business Administration (years 1 and 2), the Master in Management (years 2 and 3), and the newly created M.Sc. in Marketing and Brand Management.

Nuremberg, a city where we feel good

An attractive historic center

In addition of the airport and the exhibition center, Nuremberg has an historic center with : interesting shops, pubs, breweries and a lot of nice places with historical homes.

A cultural life between praxis and modernity

Museums present history in a living way due to visits staged and dramas which present Dürer’s life and work, or the daily life of a patrician family.

We can see the big traditions of Nuremberg, town of toy and industrial center, in the Toy Museum and the Industrial Culture Museum.

All those institutions and others are present each year in May for the “Blaue Nacht” (blue night), the long night of museum and culture in Nuremberg.

And when Nuremberg become the “First Christmas town of Germany”, it is the highlight of one of the two specialties of the town: gingerbread.

Find your housing in Nuremberg

The ICN search platform:

ICN Business School does not own any residence halls. To find your accommodation on one of our campus in France or abroad, you can use our housing search platform.

To log in the platform: if you already are an ICN’s student, you can use your e-mail address; if you are candidate, you can log in with your Facebook account (please, request the identification key to our International Relations Office).

Residence in Nuremberg :

In addition, you can contact the residence below that can help you to get a flat in Nuremberg:

– Résidence WG Nürnberg, Vordere Sterngasse 8 – 90402 NÜRNBERG

Culture and leisure

To find out all activities you can enjoy in Nuremberg and around:

  • Contact the ICN Nuremberg team which will give you information about events in the city
  • Visit the city of Nuremberg tourism Office website

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