Become a Digital Management Expert at ICN Business School!

Launched in 2022, ICN Business School’s MSc in Digital Management degree aims to respond to the current job market needs in the era of digital transformation. The course delves into the depths of disruptive technologies, which are being implemented, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. 

Our aim is to address common expectations that companies have from professionals, such as capability to adapt to a constantly changing environment, vision, and understanding of the global economy of the era. This course does not only address the challenges faced in a digital enterprise, but the challenges of adapting to the ongoing digital transformation in the ecosystem. 

5 Reasons You Should choose our MSc in Digital Management

1. English-Speaking programme

A great thing about ICN, is that we offer programmes taught in English, so you don’t need to worry about speaking French. 

Our MSc in Digital Management degree is taught in English at our prestigious Berlin campus. It is located in the heart of the Mitte district, right in the city centre. 

2. Encourages New and Innovative Ideas

Studying digital management involves combining the theoretical and creative aspects of branding and marketing. As a student, you will apply conceptual frameworks to real-life projects with the help of professionals from the world of business. For a brand and marketing professional in a multicultural company, this course is a truly unique personal and professional experience. 

3. Varied Modules

The programme is split into various modules, which include:

  • Digital transformation of companies, digital strategy, management of the transformation process and change management. 
  • Impact of digitalisation on the various sectors of activity and professions. 
  • New business models derived from digital technology. 
  • Disruptive technologies.
  • Digital issues such as GDPR.

4. Gain Valuable Work Experience

During the 2nd year of the MSc in Digital Management programme, you will be able to branch out and gain valuable work experience in the field. You will study 3 days a week and work for the rest of the 2. This is a great way to understand the working world and be ready for when you graduate. 

ICN are with you every step of the way and help you gain this work experience. Our Careers and Internship Centre, offers employability workshops, one-to-one sessions and mock interviews. All of these aspects benefit students by gaining more experience in the industry and make it a lot easier to transition into the job market. 

5. Exciting Career Prospects

Due to the growing interest in digitalisation, companies look for professionals who have already proven skills and knowledge in managing digital transformation and adapting their expertise to digital enterprises. 

There is a high demand for digital management skills and flexibility to adapt to any sector or role, which makes our MSc in Digital Management programme great for an agile career.

How to apply as an international candidate?