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MSc in Finance and risk management


2 semesters (including an internship of at least 5 months)



The MSc in Finance and Risk Management trains specialists in the finance industry and financial geopolitics. Most Master’s in Finance courses offer either training in the financial markets or corporate finance. The MSc has been designed to fill a niche – in the finance industry – with an emphasis on operational and behavioural issues as well as the strategic location of financial vehicles. The program also looks at the interaction between different financial institutions, with a focus on the emergence of Fintech, Cyber Finance and changes in decision-maker behaviour. Once they have completed the program, students will understand the different business models and be prepared for employment in a variety of financial sectors: banks, funds, hedge funds, insurance and the strategic consultancy sector.


The program is built around four major module blocks which are designed to produce experts in Finance and Risk Management with an emphasis on the finance sector and financial geopolitics.

Financial Economics, Valuation and Risk Management
This block of modules provides students with a mastery of the financial economics, valuation and risk management tools they need to take the more advanced finance modules. The modules cover portfolio theory, standard derivatives valuation tools and asymmetric information problems. Issues around risk measurement and assessment as well as the aggregation of risks in different sectors of the financial industry are covered. Students learn how to implement a risk management process within a financial institution.

Business Models and Risk Management of the Financial Industry
This block of modules provides an understanding of business models in the financial industry and how these have evolved in recent years, in particular changes among the insurance, banking and funds sectors and the impact of new Fintech tools. Students learn how the industry is adapting to different types of risks, technological changes and regulation. The focus is on the emergence of new systems such as “Shadow Banking” and “Shadow Insurance” as well as location strategies.

Behavioural Finance and the Architecture of Finance
This block of modules analyzes the entire financial industry, i.e. funds, banks, insurance and trading platforms, through the lens of recent developments in behavioural
economics. The focus on behavioural economics makes this a truly innovative module.

Geopolitics of Finance and Cyber Finance
This block of modules is unique in that it seeks to develop the strategic skills required to locate financial vehicles. It also covers recent developments in cyber finance and the microstructure of financial markets, which have become key vectors of risk and influence.


  • Risk advisory consulting
  • Managing risk in the fund industry
  • Specialists in structured hedge fund products
  • Private equity fund analysts
  • Private banking and asset manager
  • Bank consulting
  • Financial sector strategic consultancy
  • Cyber finance consultant

Partner companies

  • Ernst & Young Luxembourg
  • Farad Group Luxembourg
  • Alter Domus Luxembourg
  • AM Best Products and Services Europe


  • 4-year higher-education degree (BAC+4) or Master’s in management (with a proficiency in accounting, management control and finance)
  • 3-year higher-education degree (BAC+3) with extensive work experience in these fields
  • Proficiency in English essential
  • Selection based on an application form and interview
  • 3-year higher-education degree (BAC+3), you can apply for the preparatory year then take your MSc over 2 years


Rossella D'Amico

Rossella D'Amico

Strategy Regulatory and Corporate Finance analyst, Deloitte (Luxembourg)

A well-designed course tailored to students interested in the growth of the banking and fund market. The tutorials gave me the tools and skills I needed to work in the consultancy sector, advising key Benelux Private Equity companies on the strategic challenges and operational issues that they currently face.
The way the course is structured and run by the first-rate teaching staff, as well as its international environment, are crucial to the students’ personal development.
I highly recommend it!

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