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Our MSc programmes (post-graduate degree)

Our MSc programmes (post-graduate degree) are high-level international training programmes with a professional aim, divided into four main families: Marketing, Finance, Management and Business Development. These programmes take place over two years and enable you to become operational in a particular profession, sector or field. As of the start of the next academic year in September 2021, a wide range of specialisations will be offered in an alternating school/work format in MSc1, with the possibility to follow all specialisation courses from the campus of your choice. In MSc2, all courses will be offered in an alternating school/work format from the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. You will follow your specialisation on the reference campus of your MSc. ICN Business School Artem thus enables you to develop your managerial skills, to become truly open-minded, to acquire a sense of commitment and team spirit, and specific professional expertise. Finally, completing a MSc at ICN will also allow you to acquire significant work experience.

Which MSc is made for you?

First year of MSc

Dedicated to candidates with a 3-year Bachelor degree (180 ECTS). You do not need any professional experience to apply since you will have the time to acquire the fundamentals of management during the first year.

Second year of MSc

Dedicated to candidates holding a 4-year Bachelor degree or a master’s degree (at least 240 ECTS)

If you hold a 3-year Bachelor degree (180 ECTS) and have a significant professional experience, (at least 1 year of work experience preferably in a related field to your specialisation), you can also apply to the 2nd year of MSc.

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