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International network

ICN’s network of international partner universities is one of the largest and most dynamic networks among the French Schools of Management. As a result, the School can offer a period of academic study abroad to all students who wish to do so, and has the resources and infrastructure to welcome large numbers of international students onto study programs on its 5 campuses (Nancy, Paris, Nuremberg and Berlin).

Hence, ICN Business School’s international activity now includes: near 120 partner universities around the world, 2 campus in Germany and 4 contact offices abroad covering 15 countries (1 in Latin America, 2 in China,  1 in West Africa), 900 international students and 60 visiting professors welcomed each year.


ICN Business School has signed the Charte Erasmus+ which aims at developing students linguistic and cultural skills through partner exchanges and professional experiences abroad. Erasmus + also supports students with disabilities.

Find out more about ERASMUS.


Frédérique BOUTIN
Responsable Relations Internationales
Tél. : +33 (03) 54 50 25 49