MSc in International Management – MIEX

The MSc in International Management (MIEX), Bac+5 (year 5 of Higher Education) is taught in English throughout the whole program. It is taught in Nancy (France) and in Bologna (Italy) for year 1 of the program, then at one of the ICN’s international university partners in year 2, (either Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia and Germany). 

The program’s aim is to train students who wish to become operational in international management, and who wish to demonstrate an ability to adapt to the changing, dynamic environments and cultural differences which this type of career demands. The course provides students with the opportunity to acquire the basic essentials of Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Economics and Business Law. 

Why join the MSc Degree course in International Management?

  • The program trains students to become experts in management of organizations and in international business.
  • Today’s companies need this profile of manager, given the developments taking place on world markets, which are constantly changing in ways which transcend national boundaries.
  • New business opportunities oblige companies to recruit managers who have a detailed knowledge of international markets and who can react to these as rapidly as possible.
  • Even companies which operate mainly on their domestic markets need to remain vigilant to global competitive forces, since new competitors are appearing on their home markets on a daily basis and are changing the rules.

Program content

Year 1 :  Acquiring the fundamentals of management

In year 1, courses take place at ICN Business School, Nancy (France) during semester 1 and at the University of Bologna, (Italy) during semester 2.

Semester 1 at ICN Business School:

  • International Banking
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Marketing & Brand Management
  • International Business Law
  • Negotiation Techniques & Information Analysis
  • Adjustment classes:
    Introduction to  Finance & Banking

Semester 2 at University of Bologna:

  • International Business Strategies and Entrepreneurship
  • Industrial Economics
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • Logistics & Operations Management
  • Field Work Activities / Internship & report 
  • (see brochure)

In addition to the taught courses, you will:

  • Attend conferences on topics of interest given by professors from your Schools in Nancy and Bologna and by international visiting professors.
  • Participate in company visits in both France and Italy to understand the challenges facing companies and management professionals at the international level.

Year 2: Specializing in an economic area

In year 2, students choose the partner university where they wish to study abroad.

In China, at the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST):

  • Chinese History and Culture
  • Chinese Business Environment
  • Chinese Business Law
  • Chinese Financial Market
  • Chinese Accounting & Tax System
  • Business Ethics
  • Research Methods
  • Electives (see brochure)

In Mexico, at the Universidad La Salle, Mexico City:

  • Negotiation and Business Promotion in America
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility in Organizations
  • Legal Context for International Mexican Business
  • Financial Methods and Models for Decision Making
  • Business Interactions (foreign language for business)
  • International Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Research for Enterprise Solutions
  • Electives (see brochure)

In Russia, at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO):

  • Geopolitical Aspects of Russian Development
  • Legal Environment of Entrepreneurship in Russia
  • Modern Problems of Russian Economic Development
  • Russia in Foreign Economic Relations
  • Entrepreneurship in Russia
  • Russian Language

In Brazil, at the UFRGS :

  • Brazil and Geopolitics in South America
  • Production Structure of the Brazilian Economy
  • Brazilian Business Law
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Sustainability and Consumer in Brazil
  • Business Research Methods
  • Seminars & Business Visiting
  • Portuguese Language
  • Electives (see brochure)

International project and Final examination:

  • Carry out a project as part of an international assignment for a company.
  • Write a professional dissertation and defend this in an oral presentation before a panel of examiners.
  • Depending on the choice made by the student in year 2, the Project Work may be replaced by a Master Thesis, on successful completion of which the student will be awarded a Triple Degree.

For further information on the program, the complementary courses, the seminars and company visits, download the brochure.

Partner universities in the MIEX program

This multi-cultural degree course has been designed in partnership with ICN Business School (France), Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul (Brazil), University of Bologna (Italy), East China University of Science and Technology de Shanghai (China), Universidad LaSalle, Mexico City (Mexico), and Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Russia).

University of Bologna – Italy

The University of Bologna, founded in 1088, is the oldest university in the western world. Its history is rich in academic production, much of which has since become a reference in the field. This makes it one of the best universities in Italy. The university has a wide range of academic departments and specialist centers of excellence, and, in addition to Bologna, also has teaching and research facilities in Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna, Rimini and Buenos Aires.
Given its long academic history, the University of Bologna is involved in all modes of educational provision: degree-level teaching, apprenticeship schemes, research, and continuing education. Its values are innovation, educational collaboration, fairness and entrepreneurship. It strives above all to create an academic environment which fosters inter-disciplinarity.
The Faculty of Economics, created in 1929, is currently active on three campuses: Bologna, Forlì and Rimini. It houses one of the biggest Business Schools in Italy. It has the capacity to welcome 14,000 students and employs some 90 professors and 35 research faculty and lecturers.
The classes taught as part of the MIM-MIEX Degree take place on the campuses of Forli and Bologna.

East China University of Science and Technology – China

ECUST, East China University of Science and Technology, at Shanghaï, was founded in 1952. It has recently been ranked as 34th Chinese university, which is impressive when we learn that there are over 2,000 universities in China.
Its reputation is based on the School of Chemistry, founded 50 years ago. It still possesses several engineering Schools (Chemistry, Biotechnology, Materials Sciences, Information Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Environment, but also Pharmacy, Sciences, a School of Arts and Culture, a School of Foreign Languages, etc.) and the School of Business and Economics, which is the ICN’s partner institution.
This is now the School which has the largest number of students, in fact 3,200 undergraduate and post-graduate students, with a hundred lecturers, including 11 Professors and 36 Associate Professors. The Bachelor Degree is a 4-year program.
The main campus is a huge one, with over 740,000 m², housing a library, sports fields, a swimming pool, 4 restaurants, and 21 student halls of residence, including one for international students.
Campus life is very lively, with numerous cultural, artistic and sports events organized. It is also an oasis of peace and greenery in a Chinese city which is undergoing a huge wave of expansion and development. The campus is linked to the city by metro train.
Shanghai itself has a population of 13 million people. It is a city which is rich in history and traditions and is gradually becoming China’s economic capital. As you discover Shanghai, you begin to understand what is happening in China today and what will begin to shape the global economy in the years to come.

La Salle Mexico – Mexico

La Salle University was founded in Mexico city in 1962. Today it has 13 campuses in all the major cities in Mexico. It was one of the first universities to be created in Mexico and enjoys a high reputation in the whole of Latin America.
Teaching for the ‘Master’s Degree in International Negotiation’ takes place in the post-graduate School on the main campus in the city center.
The campus has approximately 6,000 students, which makes it a small campus by Mexican standards. It is full of charm and possesses all the infrastructure associated with a highly reputed institution: computer rooms, sports facilities, swimming pool, cafeteria, etc.
In Mexico City it will be staff of the CIEL (the university’s International Service) who will help to find you rooms with a family. This method is recommended, because it combines nearness to the university with the advantages of living with a Mexican family. It is very important, in Mexico City which has 22 million inhabitants with huge disparities in wealth, to live near to the campus, at least at the beginning of your stay. If you decide to do a long internship in Mexico City and therefore extend your stay, it may be possible to find a flat to share with other students. This formula is often used by students on the Franco-Mexican double degree program. Mexico is a fascinating city, full of surprises, which makes it truly unique.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations – Russia

The MGIMO is certainly one of the most prestigious of Russian institutions. It is the only educational institute which comes directly under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and, since its foundation, has produced all of Russia’s diplomats. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in France is a former student of MGIMO.
The MGIMO has some 5,000 students in its 6 faculties:
– Faculty of International Relations
– Faculty of International Law
– Faculty of International Economic Relations
– Faculty of Political Science
– Faculty of International Journalism.
The ICN Business School’s partner is the 6th Faculty, the Faculty of Economics and International Management. It is the youngest of the 6. It was founded after the break-up of the URSS and the creation of a market economy at the beginning of the 1990’s.
The MGIMO also has a number of specialist institutes, including the Institute of European Law. Created in 1944, it teaches more than 50 Foreign Languages and has an excellent reputation for teaching languages. The MGIMO has 1,200 lecturers, including many in foreign languages.
The MGIMO campus is located on the outskirts of Moscow and is spread over 25 hectares. It is served by its own metro station. The buildings are quite majestic and were an impressive showcase for the old Soviet Union. The campus has all the facilities of a great institution, including: sports fields, swimming pool, tennis courts, library, I.T. rooms, cafeteria, restaurants, etc.
In Moscow students are accommodated in a comfortable student hall of residence on the campus, which simplifies daily living in a sprawling city of over 10 million inhabitants. Moscow is a rapidly changing city. It concentrates within its boundaries 80% of the country’s wealth!

Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul – Brazil

The Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) is a one hundred year-old institute of higher education which has earned both national and international recognition. It is situated in Porto Alegre, the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, and provides educational programs in different disciplines and at all levels of education, from primary to university education.
Every day there are more than 30,000 people living, working and studying on the UFRGS campus, enjoying the academic benefits of a university which is ranked among the top ten in Brazil, particularly as a result of its appropriate combination of research programs linked to a societal vocation.
As an institution closely involved in community action and concerned to incorporate a social conscience into its future development, the UFRGS respects diversity, prioritizes innovation, and reaffirms its commitment to education and the diffusion of knowledge, inspired as it is by the ideals of freedom and solidarity.

ICN Business School – Germany 

ICN Business School Berlin is a new campus where you will be able to specialize with :

 – MSc in Marketing and Brand Management

– MSc Finance, Insurance and Risk Management

How to apply for the MIEX Program?


  • The program is open to candidates who already have a 3-year university qualification (Bac+3).
  • It is not possible to join the course directly in year 2.


  • Selection of candidates is made on the basis of a personal application dossier which can be downloaded from the section: French candidates or international candidates.
  • The personal application dossier should include the following:
    – A written statement from university authorities or a copy of the last degree obtained, together with the grade sheets from the previous 3 or 4 years,
    – A certificate or diploma in English which gives a precise indication of the level of English achieved, e.g. TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.
    – A curriculum vitae in English giving both the academic and non-academic background of the candidate (internships, extra-curricular experience and activities, etc.),
    – A written indication of competence in another foreign language is considered to be a further positive factor: Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.
    – A cover letter in English, indicating your motivation for joining the course.
  • The selection sessions will take place between January and June. For further details, see the section on Admissions.

Useful information


  • 2 years of study.


  • The course is taught entirely in English.


  • Year 1: ICN Business School, Nancy (France), from September to December, then at the University of Bologna, Italy, from January to June.
  • Year 2: The country and institution are selected by the student.


  •  MSc in International Management – MIEX, awarded by ICN Business School,
  • UNIBO Master Universitario di primo livello, awarded by the University of Bologna,
  • The 3rd Degree will depend on the partner university chosen by the student for the second year of study.


  • Marketing Manager, Consultant, Business Developer, Analyst, Area Manager, Human Resources Manager, Sales Manager, etc.

PROGRAM FEES 2019-2020:

Year 1 : 8 600€
Year 2 : 7 600 €

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