msc in marketing and brand management

This two-year full-time program will give you the strategic and creative skills to enhance an organization’s brand equity and implement effective marketing programs. During the first year you will understand the fundamentals of branding and communication strategies in a digital society. During the second year you will improve your proficiencies in graphic design, visual composition, product development, startup projects, social media campaigns, and event planning and sponsorship.

Why join the program ?

Top reasons to join the program:

  1. It gives students the strategic and creative tools to boost an organization’s brand equity.
  2. It is a multicultural program, studying in a Top French business school in Germany. It is unique.
  3. Professors offer a pragmatic orientation to increase career opportunities internationally.
  4. ARTEM workshops enable students to express their creativity and find their own “managerial voice”.
  5. The courses are student-centered. Students’ experiences, emotions and values play an important role to enable a better learning experience.

Program content

The M.Sc. in Marketing and Brand Management at ICN Business School is a multicultural program that emerges by studying at a German campus of a French Business School. The program integrates strategic and creative thinking to enhance an organization’s brand equity and implement effective marketing programs. The structure of the program allows our students to:

  • understand Branding’s best practices across different markets and consumption domains,
  • apply Brand management tools, techniques and processes in a pragmatic way,
  • explore ways of overcoming a marketing problem with a creative solution,
  • encourage students to design brands and communication strategies that advocate for equality, and sustainability,
  • integrate and adapt their ideas to a multicultural environment (here especially France and Germany), and
  • increase their career opportunities internationally.

During year 1, the majority of the program consists of core management courses, some introductory seminars in “Marketing” and “Finance”, and three specialized courses in Brand Management, i.e. “Branding”, “Consumer and Society”, and “Value Communication”. In year 2 most courses are brand management-related. There are only a few courses in management only. A course on “Research Methodology” prepares students for their Master Thesis.

For a marketing professional living in a multicultural society, it is essential to recognize, share, and learn from diverse identities deploying art and creativity. ARTEM workshops on ”Promoting Cultural Diversity” taught in both years address this challenge and highlight the rich cultural pluralism between France and Germany. They also enable students to exchange and express their own ideas.

In the final year, each student has to write and present a Master Thesis on a research problem chosen jointly with a tutor, who must be an ICN permanent faculty member;

admission requirements

The minimum entrance requirements for this M.Sc. are:

  • a successfully completed Bachelor degree or an equivalent higher education qualification and experience (subject to the Admission jury),
  • a curriculum vitae,
  • certified academic transcripts from all universities attended,
  • a motivation letter and two letters of recommendation from the candidate’s former professors, and
  • passing an oral interview with ICN faculty to assess the personality, motivation and spoken command of English.

Selection of candidates is made on the basis of a personal application dossier which can be downloaded from the section: French candidates or international candidates.

Practical information


  • 1 or 2 years


  • Both year 1 and year 2 are taught in English.


  • Both year 1 and year 2 are taught at the campus of Berlin


  • MSc in Marketing and Brand Management, awarded by ICN Business School.

PROGRAM FEES 2019-2020:

  • Year 1: 8,700 €
  • Year 2: 8,800 €

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