MSc in digital management

Entering the digital area means redesigning exchanges, habits, and management. Every company willing to grow – besides the new technology-centered ones – and willing to increase in productivity and competitiveness has to incorporate digital technology in its strategy and have a team of skilled managers. The MSc in digital management provides training to future managers of big digital companies in France and abroad.

Why join the MSc in digital management ?

The objective of this two-year program are:

  • understand and apply the fundamental concepts of digital marketing/communication/ management in the corporate world and other work environments, and
  • understand and apply digital development strategies, in the context of the ubiquitous digital transformation forcing managers to adapt their management/ marketing practices

The program with deploy mixed teaching methods, i.e. theoretical courses, e-learning, workshops and conferences. The curriculum are completed by professional input provided by experts from the digital sector and compulsory practical internships.

The MSc in digital management addresses a broad range of domestic/ international, technical/ non-technical issues relevant to management, finance, human resources (i.e. new jobs in the digital field), economics, as well as of course marketing and communication.

Admissions informations

 Entry in preparatory year (Year 1):

  •  Students in management of a diploma level ‘baccalaureate’ +3 as part of a continuation of studies 

 Entry in 2nd year:

  • Students in management of a diploma level ‘baccalaureate’ +4 as part of a continuation of studies
  •  Professionals with significant experience and a diploma level ‘baccalaureat’ + 3

Useful information


  • Year 1 is thaught in English
  • Year 2 is taught in French (Paris Campus) 


  • Year 1  is taught at the ICN Business School, ARTEM Campus, Nancy.
  • The 2nd  year will take place at the ICN Paris La Défense Campus (French track)  


  • MSc Management numérique, awarded by ICN Business School.

PROGRAM FEES 2019-2020:

  • Year 1:  8 700 €
  • Year 2: 8 800 €

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