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International bachelor of business administration (Dakar)

The International Bachelor of Business Administration is offered in Dakar, Senegal. It covers a similar content as year 3 of the Bachelor of Business Administration .

The program is mainly dedicated to local students, who are interested to obtain a French degree, after successful completion of their Bachelor studies. The program has been operating in Dakar since 2008 in cooperation with the Sup de Co Dakar. The program is offered in English and French languages.

Program content

The program is structured into five teaching units: management, economic and geopolitical environment, marketing, strategy and finance, and a final Bachelor thesis. In each teaching unit, several courses are integrated to give students a maximum overview of the respective topic. ICN permanent faculty takes overall responsibility for course content and academic quality, especially when delivering the courses. The students also present their final thesis in front of ICN faculty.


The admission process for this delocalized program has been developed and is guided by ICN. Students, which have successfully completed the first two years of the partner school’s Bachelor program at the Sup de Co Dakar/ Senegal, are admitted to the ICN program based on their application, the results of their previous studies, and an interview with an ICN representative.

Students, which have not studied before at the partner school, are admitted to the ICN program after a written knowledge test, an English language test and an interview with an ICN representative. The participation of an ICN representative, i.e. the Program Director or a permanent faculty member, in the selection interviews ensures that all admitted students meet the expected academic requirements of the ICN Business School.

Admitted candidates, who do not meet the language requirement for the English track, are forced to take intensive language classes for up to three weeks at the Sup de Co Dakar, the West African institution authorized to operate the TOEFL test, before entering the program. This process will ensure that all students have a sufficient competence in English language to follow the management courses.

Practical information


  • 1 or 3 years of studies


  • The program is taught in Dakar, Senegal.


  • Depending on the curriculum chosen, courses are taught either in French or in English, either in both languages.

TUITION FEES 2018-2019:

  • Year 1: 7 000 €
  • Year 2: 7 100 €
  • Year 3: 7 100 €