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In-company courses

The values ​​of the school, around creativity and innovation, and rooted in Artem’s philosophy of openness, multidisciplinarity and cross-fertilization, irrigate our whole approach to building training offers.

In-company courses are tailor-made in consultation with the client or partner companies. Here too, the courses integrate the expectations of corporate clients with the expertise of ICN faculty:

  • offering management development and career development for executive managers,
  • accompanying companies on particular projects, i.e. training in change management or innovation for REHAU, project management for the electricity company ENEDIS, or the implementation of the corporate university of GROUPAMA (insurance company), and
  • assisting the medical professions, i.e. the management of a profit center for general practitioners, and a course for pharmacists currently being developed with the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Lorraine.

Many of these contracts are the result of long-term collaboration, as either regular courses or courses renewed partially as requested by companies and organizations, depending on their changing needs.

The experience of our pedagogical and administrative teams makes it possible to ensure the realization of a customized service, in collaboration with the company and according to its needs, guaranteeing the best efficiency of the training delivery.

A dedicated educational manager and a dedicated administrative manager accompany the partner from the beginning to the end of the process and taking into account the various interlocutors (HR, managers, participants), for a better knowledge and reactivity throughout the program.


Meetings and working sessions with clients, managers and future participants to adapt the proposal on the basis of a perfect knowledge of the environment, issues and demand:

  • knowledge of the participants’ profiles and / or interview of a panel of targeted functions
  • Knowledge of strategic and hr context
  • possible organization of an information meeting for future participants and their managers


  • Pedagogical approach based on a balance between methodological contributions, exchanges and put into practice favoring the interactivity and the operationality
  • Delivery of teaching aids, specific documents to deepen the lessons, as well as the progressive constitution of a unique toolbox
  • In case of multiple sessions, intersessional work and support system, ensure the effectiveness of training and better anchoring of learning


  • Evaluation of the training: the individual assessment sheets completed by each participant in a summary and a report with the client
  • Certification: through the race of training, between the expectation of the enterprise, the device of validation of the acquisition of the ICN specific certificate
  • Follow-up of the training: assessment of the training with the client, possibility of regrouping sessions after training (return on the practice, consolidation of acquired skills)

If you need specific training, in terms of content, format or schedule, do not hesitate to contact our teams, who will be able to offer you customized solutions.

Mise à jour le 22/12/2017