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ICN Bachelor in Management is an undergraduate program, approved by the French government’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research, taught on our campuses located in Paris and Nancy (France).

The program allows you to acquire the fundamentals of companies’ management (economics, law, IT, accounting, management…), the main techniques of sales, communication and marketing, as well as a strong knowledge in general culture.

Why join the ICN Bachelor in Management ?

  • Benefit from a Faculty team of highly qualified permanent professors.
  • Enjoy a range of student services: internships and careers office, Internatonal Relations Office, and a specialist Center for pesonal and professional development (for your personal tutorial guidance service).
  • Add a professional dimension to your study route: up to 16 months of practical experience in companies, and lectures and seminars led by experienced professionals from business...
  • Join the BEST bachelor in France ranked 1# in France (L’Etudiant 2021) and 2nd by Le Parisiens 2021 with more than 25 years of existence

Academic program content

Year 1: acquiring the fundamentals in management

Year 2: consolidating knowledge and skills

Year 3: Deeping of knowledge and/or opening up international horizons

To get more information about the programme and options available, please download the brochure.

International dimension of the program includes

An academic stay abroad within an international partner university:

Throughout your curriculum, you can complete a stay in a foreign country : either an internship or/and an academic stay in a foreign partner university. If you choose the academic stay abroad or the international double degree, choose your destination!

A tailor-made program in China:

This year 3 curriculum is available under conditions. It allows you to integrate a one semester program at the University of Jianqiao, Shangai with specific courses: Chinese language, Chinese culture and civilization, Chinese business and management.

Professional teachings of the program

Student associations:

Student Associations are an integral part of year 2 of the ICN Bachelor in Management program. One day per week is left free for you to devote yourself to your project. The Association is a means of developing a professional mind-set via a genuine field experience: taking on responsibilities, team working, campaigning for financial support, managing a budget, designing a communication strategy, etc. Each project is tutored and graded by a member of ICN Faculty.

Professional projects:

Professional projects mean that in year 2, you can work alternately in school and in a company, for a minimum of one day per week. This option either replaces or complements the option of joining a Student Association. The professional Project has the double advantage of allowing you to follow through a project or company mission for a full academic year from September to April without disrupting your education, and perhaps receive some payment.


Internships are compulsory requirements on the ICN Bachelor in Management program. They are programmed for the end of each academic year and each one has a well-defined objective. They allow you to practice the lessons learned in classes and to refine your professional project in a field and / or in a function.

Start you professional career or further your studies?

Thanks to the ‘state-recognized plus 3 years of h.e study Visa‘ approved by the Ministry of higher education and research, students can start their professional career or further their studies after graduation.

Young graduates from the ICN Bachelor in Management are very quickly operational and are therefore very much sought after by companies. They demonstrate open-mindedness, a great ability to convince and adapt, and can put to good use the lessons learnt at ICN, whether these are technical, commercial or human in character. The employability rate for the Bachelor programme is 100%.

Young graduates can also further their studies and enrolling a Graduate Program at ICN Business School, by joining the Master in Management program or one of the 3 MSc specialized programs. They also have the possibility to join another University.

Admission information

FRENCH candidates:

FOREIGN candidates:

  • Candidates holding a foreign recognized degree or an international Baccalaureate degree.
  • Admission possibilities for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year: fill out the application form.

Practical information


  • 3-year programme.


  • The program is taught in Paris La Défense in English and in Nancy in French. 


  • Depending on the curriculum chosen, courses are taught either in French or in English, either in both languages.


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