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ICN Business School and ICN Alumni are keen to maintain a strong and longlasting relationship with former students (our Alumni). As a professional and expert in your field, we will keep in touch throughout the year to involve youin the academic journey of students. These opportunities allow you to pass on your knowledge, contribute to the richness of our network, and promote the spirit of ICN among our current and future students. It is also an opportunity for you to share friendly moments with other graduates, professionals and members of staff.

To keep in touch with you, ICN Business School and ICN Alumni offer several events for you to get involved in.

Enrich students' learning by sharing your unique experience

Sit on the admissions panel
Want to be involved in selecting future students? Then come back to ICN for a half-day or more between April and July and become part of the admissions panel, working in tandem with another professional or member of the school's teaching staff.

Support one or several students through their academic journey from when they first join ICN via meetings and discussions. You will be their personal contact for 3 to 4 years and guide them in choosing their specialisations and internships. The main goal being to support them develop their career plan up until graduation.

Are you interested in sharing your experience with students? Seize this opportunity to pass on your knowledge and expertise and raise the employer profile of your business by hosting classes as part of the ICN curriculum.

Personal development seminars
Do you remember the ICN seminars that allowed you to develop your open-mindedness, engagement and team spirit? You can participate in them again by getting involved in organising a workshop according to the teaching objective of the seminar. These moments are an excellent opportunity to chat with students, discuss the specialisations you chose during your studies, and share your experience of first joining the job market.

Recruit ICN talent and participate in employability events

Would you like to recruit an ICN student or graduate? Find all the information on our dedicated page!

Career Talks
Career talks are organised every year for first and second year students of the Grande Ecole Programme. ICN graduates get involved in this event to share their experience with students, who are particularly fond of these meetings.

These discussions also allow graduates to:

  • highlight their employer brand,
  • raise awareness of the careers they offer,
  • attract young talent.

Business forums

ICN organises business forums throughout the year to offer internship, apprenticeship and graduate job opportunities. During these events, graduates are invited to attend alongside their HR colleague to share their experience within the company.

Afterworks students/graduates
In collaboration with the ICN Alumni Junior association, afterworks is a time for social exchange and gives students and graduates the chance to connect in a relaxed atmosphere.

The alumni discuss their careers and answer questions while offering students advice on developing their career plans and joining the job market.

Take advantage of the ICN Alumni services

Created in 1921, the association is home to a community of 17,000 ICN Business School graduates and strengthens links between the alumni, the school and students through a variety of activities, promotes professional development and enhances the network of ICN graduates. After 100 years of existence, ICN Alumni can be proud of bringing together more than 50 ICN ambassadors around the world, 15 years of student/graduate mentoring, highlighting inspiring graduates through the ICN prize that was founded in 1996 and having always been able to renew itself to continuously develop a larger and stronger network.

Listen to Frédéric Krebs, president of ICN Alumni, discuss his time at the school!


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