Executive MBA program

ICN Business School’s AMBA-accredited Executive MBA program enables your engineers, executives and managers to boost their managerial skills and gain a holistic and strategic business perspective.

The program is taught exclusively in English and broadens career prospects by opening up new opportunities in France and abroad. The Executive MBA program is primarily taught on our ICN campuses in Metz and Nancy (Lorraine).

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Program overview

Program objectives


  • Gain a holistic view of business
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Broaden existing networks


  • Foster a creative business approach
  • Take strategic decisions
  • Successfully effect change


  • Manage human capital
  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Set goals and identify the resources required to achieve them

Program highlights

The ICN Business School’s 18-month Executive MBA program enables participants to develop new skills that provide a broad understanding of the business environment and allow fast progression to senior executive roles.

Develop professional skills that can be instantly applied in the workplace

  • Strategy: gain a wider perspective, hone analytical skills and broaden existing networks
  • Management: develop leadership skills, gain a holistic view of business, create and implement specific action plans
  • Finance: acquire a solid grasp of corporate and international finance
  • Marketing: use marketing to achieve goals, learn how to develop a brand strategy
  • Innovation: break new ground every single day, make ambitious strategic decisions, learn change management skills

Develop personal skills from day one of the course

  • Manage your personal brand
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Learn how to engage and hold interest
  • Develop self confidence
  • One-on-one coaching

4 seminars outside France

The Executive MBA program seminars are a key component of the course and offer participants hands-on strategic management experience when they undertake work experience in a major multinational outside France:

  • Innovation management (Germany)
  • International finance (Luxembourg)
  • Global corporate strategy (United States)
  • Economic intelligence (China)

Develop your employees’ skills


Participant profiles

Our program is enriched by the diversity of its participants and attracts students of all ages from all over the world who bring with them a wide range of qualifications and experience. These factors help to create a learning environment that is professionally and personally rewarding.


  • “After spending close to 15 years within innovation and research developing deep expertise in European research policies I considered as a necessity to broader my competencies. I chose an EMBA programme to get all the most updated tools and methodologies to be applied within a business environment. The ICN Executive MBA programme perfectly matched my expectation by offering a 360° view of the current challenges faced by companies. I got the first outcomes a few months after starting the programme, with many new jobs opportunities and a nomination as a Director within my organisation. As responsible of Start-ups development and medium sized companies performance I am pleased to apply new acquired knowledge for the benefit of my teams and my clients”

    • Jean-Michel LUDWIG
    • 2016, Head of Start-up Support and SME Performance, LUXINNOVATION
  • “I have joined Arcelormittal 10 years ago as Research Engineer in Product development and then Process improvement for Automotive, Industry and Packaging applications. Today, with my deep involvement in research and development for steel manufacturing, I feel the clear need to think more global for business, keeping innovation in the middle. The ICN Executive MBA programme is very well designed combining Business, Strategy and Innovation to satisfy my goals in upgrading my Leadership and Management skills. My current position in multicultural environment will allow me to apply and learn efficiently facing real cases studies. I am already confident in what the ICN EMBA will bring to me as job opportunities within my organization.”

    • Tété Dossah
    • 2018, Head of Steel Processes in Cold Plant and Global R&D Programme Leader, Arcelormittal Research
  • “At 47, I have a quite large professional experience, thanks to the possibilities that exist in my group.
    I conducted several projects, organising co-working between different types of actors, dealing with our partners, and developed real management skills, thanks to my experience in managing commercial, rather industrial, and at the last time, manager teams.
    Now I’m at the starting point of the second part of my professional life. So the question is: « How can I improve my employability and guarantee added-value to the teams I’m managing? How can I get other skills to stick to the world we are living in, including expectation of new generations of co-workers, new technologies…? »
    The Executive- MBA is a good way I think to help this adaptation by enforcing a 360° point of view of the business in its environment, including financial considerations but also enforcing the capacity to be creative and to manage creative teams. It also brings us another point of view on intercultural business relations… and these are just some examples.
    The last but not the less important reason I chose this e-MBA is, that it gives us the precious opportunity to confront experiences by meeting people from very different backgrounds, and to gain from each other’s experience in our group works.”

    • Véronique BOITOUT
    • Directrice Commerciale Grand Public Particuliers et Professionnels – Groupe La Poste

What are graduates doing now?

Practical information

Selection criteria

  • Higher education degree
  • Extensive professional experience or less experienced candidates with a specific project in mind i.e. launching a start-up
  • Good command of English
  • The program must fit with the candidate’s career goals

Tuition fees

  • Tuition fees : €100
  • Tuition fees: €29,100
  • Grant of up to €8,000 available, subject to selection criteria

Please contact us for more information on tuition fees, payment methods and grants.

Application process

Next course start date

Tuesday 19 February, Metz, France

  1. Application form
  2. Online tests
  3. Selection interview
  4. Admission decision
  5. Registration
Application form
  • The completed application form must be sent to the following address:

    ICN Business School
    Executive MBA program
    3 Place Édouard Branly
    57070 METZ Technopôle, France
  • For any questions regarding the application process, please contact our EMBA office: +33 (0)3 87 56 37 36
  • Places on this course are limited to ensure its success and so we can offer a one-on-one learning approach.

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Regardless of whether you feel our course could benefit you or one of your employees, we know that deciding to embark on an Executive MBA program, or financing a course, is a serious decision that requires careful thought.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or to discuss your plans, profile and expectations.

Contact the Executive MBA office:

Samantha Nguyen

+33 3 87 56 37 36
+33 6 35 07 96 83


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