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Executive MBA
by ICN Artem


Become a creaCtive leader!

Becoming a creative Leader by ICN is becoming the manager or the entrepreneur who will not only support her/his company, but will also carry her/his own ambitions towards a more global, agile and creative dimension, along with the nowadays crucial concerns of Corporate Social and environmental Responsibility.

The new Executive MBA by ICN Artem offers an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach to management, including fundamental elements of ICN Business School's DNA: innovation, management and creativity. The proposed educational methods allow each student to reinvent him/herself and to reinvent his/her expertise in the company within its structural and cultural dimension.

This program is delivered mostly in French and includes international seminars in English, in Germany, United States and China in English. AMBA accredited, the program was created by a team of teacher-researchers and executives in innovative structures in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The Executive MBA by ICN Artem takes into account the managers’ constraints as the program is part-time (3 to 4 days / month) for 18 months

Take the time to invest in yourself : become a creaCtive leader!


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Program overview

Program's 4 pillars


The students of the Emba program have various backgrounds. The transdisciplinary ecosystem of the Artem campus, the seminars, workshops and networking evenings are of major importance in order to absorb and promote a complete interdisciplinary network for the leaders of organizations.


The program is a real career booster, it gives the opportunity to meet professionals from all backgrounds and operate on a field of experimentation for personal development and career path.


From its unique cross-border position, the program trains for a globalized world with a rich faculty (geographical, practical and academic experience), immersion seminars abroad (Germany, China, Luxembourg and USA) and the diversity of participating students.


In addition to the pedagogical basis, each manager can choose between several functional modules:

  • - International Executive HR Cluster
  • - Innovative Marketing Cluster
  • - Finance & Entrepreneurship Cluster

3 clusters

International Executive HR cluster

Designed for HR professionals and leaders willing to increase their knowledge along with their managerial and strategical skills in human resources.

Finance & Entrepreneurship cluster - in partnership with DFCG

dfcg Designed for professionals willing to evolve into general direction and business takeovers from all areas and all sizes that would require the mastery of financial practices essential to a leader and an entrepreneurial approach for project structuring or the profitable growth of an entity.

Innovation Marketing cluster by ICN Business School

Designed for business developers, leaders, marketing managers (all sectors of activities). This cluster meets the new needs of managers in a constantly changing world. An international vision of the globalized world is part of this course, which ends with a one-week seminar in Shanghai, a well-known place for change and innovation.

Professionnal scenarios

Artem Hackathon (48h non-stop)

Each participant will have to find an innovative and strategical solution to the issues submitted by the clients (CEOs). A unique experience, in accordance with the program’s mission, which must allow to check the good understanding of the program's strategical stakes, to put into practice the knowledge acquired and to verify the collective creaCtivity of the promotion.

Consultancy Artem new business ventures

For 12 weeks at the end of the course, the students will bring their new visions as creaCtive leaders into real-life companies’ situations : It is a real consultant’s experience (Audit and 360° strategical proposals)

Program objectives


  • Gain a holistic view of business
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Broaden existing networks


  • Foster a creative business approach
  • Take strategic decisions
  • Successfully effect change


  • Manage human capital
  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Set goals and identify the resources required to achieve them

Program highlights

The ICN Business School’s 18-month Executive MBA program enables participants to develop new skills that provide a broad understanding of the business environment and allow fast progression to senior executive roles.

Develop professional skills that can be instantly applied in the workplace

  • Strategy: gain a wider perspective, hone analytical skills and broaden existing networks
  • Management: develop leadership skills, gain a holistic view of business, create and implement specific action plans
  • Finance: acquire a solid grasp of corporate and international finance
  • Marketing: use marketing to achieve goals, learn how to develop a brand strategy
  • Innovation: break new ground every single day, make ambitious strategic decisions, learn change management skills

Develop personal skills from day one of the course

  • Manage your personal brand
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Learn how to engage and hold interest
  • Develop self confidence
  • One-on-one coaching

4 seminars outside France

The Executive MBA program seminars are a key component of the course and offer participants hands-on strategic management experience when they undertake work experience in a major multinational outside France:

  • Innovation management (Germany)
  • International finance (Luxembourg)
  • Global corporate strategy (United States)
  • Economic intelligence (China)

Advisory Board

The EMBA Program Advisory Board is comprised of a mix of corporate partners and alumni who contribute professional expertise and outlook to ensure the quality of the program and recommendations on the overall direction and strategy to ensure that the program meets the changing skills needs of business in an increasingly complex world.

Develop your employees’ skills


"The results of the Career and Satisfaction Survey (2019) show that main skills/ areas transferred into the workplace are by order of importance: Self-Management Skills (25%), Creativity and Innovation (20%), Finance (10%), and Strategy (10%). The annual salary increases by 12% on average after graduating from the ICN Executive MBA programme and most alumni report that their career has been boosted either through new positions, higher salaries, and/or more responsibilities."

What are graduates doing now?

Practical information

Selection criteria

  • Undergraduate or Master Degree education degree
  • 3 years of professional experience
  • Good level or fluency in English
  • Coherence of personal and professional project

Tuition fees

  • Tuition fees: €29,100

Please contact us information about the tuition fees, means of payment as well as scholarships,and grants.

Application process

Next course start date

May every year

  1. Application form
  2. Admission interview
  3. Acceptance decision
  4. Enrolment
Application form
  • The full application file must be sent by post at the administrative address of the program below. All the courses take place at the Artem Campus in Nancy.

    ICN Business School
    Executive MBA program
    86 rue du Sergent Blandan
    54003 NANCY Cedex
  • For any questions regarding the application process, please contact our EMBA office: +33 (0)3 87 56 37 36
  • Places on this course are limited to ensure its success and so we can offer a one-on-one learning approach.

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Regardless of whether you feel our course could benefit you or one of your employees, we know that deciding to embark on an Executive MBA program, or financing a course, is a serious decision that requires careful thought.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or to discuss your plans, profile and expectations.

Contact the Executive MBA office:

Samantha Nguyen

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