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Career & internship service

In order to support students’ and graduates’ integration into the world of work, the ICN attaches much importance to the development of its corporate relations. In addition, the office guides and supports students (via internships) and graduates (via first job offers), providing information about current legislations, rules and regulations, the calendar of events for the coming academic year, including Careers and Recruitment Fairs, the ‘Careers Marathon’, and professional conferences. They also train students on the fundamentals of professional and responsible behavior when they are in contact with companies and the professional world.

The Career & Internships Office organizes the following events throughout the year:
 Workshops to help the student to assist in an efficient search for internships/ jobs (in France a well as abroad), to produce their CV (in French and in English language) and cover letters, and to prepare them for recruitment interviews.

  • Preparation sessions for recruitment interviews and company forums with professional workers and/ or certified coaches.
  • Conferences hosted by ICN corporate partners, such as AUCHAN, DELOITTE Luxembourg, ERNST & YOUNG, GROUPAMA or LIDL, on career opportunities in the respective firm or the related industry.
  •  Conferences on labor-market related themes, such as ‘boosting your Linkedin page’, ‘counselling’, ‘gender equality’, ‘internships abroad’ (including focused sessions on a particular country), or ‘self-image’.
  • ‘Afterwork’ networking events for students and alumni.
  •  Two company forums per academic year, i.e. in October and February, to provide networking opportunities for students/ graduates and corporate recruiters.
  •  Internship feedback sessions between students from different year cohorts, i.e. year 3 students provide information and advice to year 2 students, year 2 students provide information and advice to year 1 students.

In addition to the above mentioned events, the Career & Internship Service also various tools supporting student’s internship and job search:

  •  ‘Career Center’
  •  ‘Lagora’: Platform dedicated to internship and job offers in more than 50 countries from the international EFMD members’ network.
  •  ‘Easy Recrue’: Time-shifting video interview system used by many large corporate groups, including coaching opportunities.

Mise à jour le 23/08/2019