With Station A, even more openness, innovation and creativity at ICN - ICN Business School

With Station A, even more openness, innovation and creativity at ICN

The school launches its Station A: for a new pedagogical approach based on openness and transdisciplinarity

With the Artem Alliance, the school has developed with the Ecole nationale supérieure d’art et de design de Nancy and Mines Nancy many transdisciplinary activities throughout the university curriculum of its students. Today, ICN is pursuing its growth strategy with a campus in Paris and one in Berlin. The school must also remain faithful to its pedagogy and its mission of openness, innovation and creativity for all its students and teachers. The ICN A(rt, technology & management) Station, a 1,500 m² physical space in the direct extension of the Artem campus and also a place of intelligence open to the world, meets these objectives. Offering spaces to encourage exchanges between different disciplines, to experiment, explore, cooperate, and approach complexity.

Station A is a pedagogical Research and Development laboratory that feeds into all ICN’s degree programmes with the main objective of activating students’ creativity to lead them to develop new ways of thinking and acting in a professional context.

This cross-disciplinary approach is acclaimed by the school’s students and also by international accreditation bodies. The school develops joint student/company work, works with artists, designers, directors, engineers for concrete and even investigative situations. Discovery learning is one of the most powerful ideas in pedagogy.

Station A will be used on each of the school’s campuses. Students will thus benefit from the same student experience in Nancy, Paris, Berlin and Nuremberg.

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